Create a pre-roll views campaign

Build brand relevance and align with consumers' passion points by running targeted pre-roll ads before videos your customers are watching. Your clips will run before premium video content from our 200+ brand-safe partners across 15 categories. 


What is pre-roll?

Pre-roll is video advertisements played at the beginning of a video from one of our 200+ content partners. Click the play button on the video example below to see a pre-roll views campaign run by Pizza Hut.

What will show: 

  • Your video will play within the Tweet of the partner we've matched your video to
  • Your video will have an "Ad by [your handle]" message while it is playing
  • If your video is longer than six seconds, a tap to Skip button will appear at :06

What you can customize: 

  • The categories of video content you do not want your pre-roll to be paired with
  • Any specific handles you do not want your pre-roll to be paired with
Amplify Pre-roll

Run pre-roll video content to align your ad with brand-safe, premium content - including highlights and other top video clips - that your customers are already watching.

Amplify Sponsorships

Build brand association by sponsoring the best video content from a single amplify partner. 


Setting up your pre-roll views campaign

  1. Log into your Twitter Ads account
  2. Click "Create campaign" in the top right corner of your Ads Manager
  3. Choose "Pre-roll views" from the list of campaign objectives
  4. You'll be brought to the "Details" tab the campaign setup form. Here you will name your campaign, choose your funding source, and set campaign dates and budget
  5. Next, you'll setup your first ad group. You can also set ad group start and end time
  6. Select the bid type you'd like to use in your campaign: 
    • Automatic bid: your bid will auto-optimize to get the best results at the lowest price (within your budget). Automatic bid is the easiest way to quickly get your campaigns live and serving impressions on the platform
    • Maximum bid: this type allows greater control over how much you pay per video view. In this bid type, you can choose exactly how much you are willing to pay for a video view (your maximum bid), and your results will not be charged over this price. This bid type is helpful for experienced advertisers who know exactly how much they’re looking to pay per video view at scale.
  7. Select the bid unit you'd like to use in your campaign:
    • Per pre-roll view: A "pre-roll view" is when your pre-roll video is watched in 50% view for 2 seconds or more, or when someone clicks to expand/unmute your video. This is an industry standard view.
    • Per 3s/100% pre-roll view: An "3s/100% pre-roll view" is when your pre-roll video is watched in 100% view for 3 seconds or more, or when someone expands or unmutes your video.
    • Per 6s pre-roll video view: A "6s pre-roll view" is when your pre-roll video is watched at 50% view for 6 seconds or more, or when someone expands or unmutes your video. Retargeting on 6s pre-roll view is not yet available.
  8. Select the audience you'd like your ads to serve to in the "Targeting" tab of campaign setup. Learn more about our targeting options
  9. You will also be prompted to select a category for your video under "Brand details". This helps us match your pre-roll to the publisher Tweets they will run against. Select up to two categories.
  10. Under "Advanced brand safety features", you may input categories and @handles of Twitter accounts you do not want your pre-roll to be paired with.
  11. Choose the video you want in your campaign — this will be the video that runs before publisher content.
  12. Review your final campaign setup on the "Review & Complete" tab. If you'd like to add additional ad groups to your campaign, you can do so here.
  13. Launch your pre-roll views campaign!

Serving your pre-roll views campaign

Your pre-roll video will automatically be matched with publisher content when you launch your campaign, respecting any excluded categories or @handles you specified. Publisher content refers to Tweets with video from one of our 200+ content partners, or "publishers". 

If someone on Twitter views a Tweet that your pre-roll has been paired with, they may be shown your video if they also fit the targeting criteria you specified. If someone views the publisher Tweet but does not fit your targeting criteria, they will not be shown your pre-roll. 


Viewing your results

Navigate to your Ads Manager to see your results. Filter the date range in the top right corner to see key metrics such as total spend, results, cost per result, and result rate. Your "result" will be either pre-roll views, 3s/100% pre-roll views, or 6s/50% views, depending on what you chose during campaign setup.

An pre-roll view is when your video is watched in 50% view for 2 seconds or more, or when someone clicks to expand/unmute your video. A 3s/100% pre-roll view is when your video is watched in 100% view for 3 seconds or more, or when someone expands or unmutes your video. A 6s/50% pre-roll view is when your pre-roll video is watched at 50% view for 6 seconds or more, or when someone expands or unmutes your video. 

When filtering to the "Ads" level, make sure to choose the "Pre-roll" button to view your results. The Tweets button will show view metrics from the publisher content videos your ads ran before. 



Frequently asked questions

Why should I run a pre-roll views campaign?

Pre-roll allows you to extend the reach of your video ad campaigns and connect with what your audience is talking about. In this campaign objective, your videos run as pre-roll ads before brand-safe videos from 200+ premium publishers, including major sports leagues, top TV shows and networks, major publishing houses, and professional news outlets. With so many world-class video publishers on Twitter, pre-roll ads are perfect to borrow brand equity from the publisher whose content your videos run alongside.

When should I run a pre-roll views campaign? 

If you're looking to generate brand lift with your video content, this objective is for you. You can build brand relevance and align with customers' passion points by running targeted pre-roll video ads before content they're already watching. There's no Tweet copy needed, just upload your pre-roll video directly into the campaign form to get started. 

How much do pre-roll views campaigns cost? 

Twitter’s cost-per-action pricing ensures you only pay for the specific actions you are looking to drive. 

When you run a pre-roll views campaign, you'll only be charged for the pre-roll views (either standard 2s/50%, 3s/100%, or 6s/50% views) that you acquire from that campaign. Impressions that don't result in a pre-roll view are free.

The cost you pay per pre-roll view depends on your budget and bid, as well as the targeting you select. You'll receive real-time bid guidance based on your targeting in your campaign setup. More on Twitter Ads pricing.


When setting up your pre-roll views campaign, you can select between automatic or maximum bidding as your bid type. We suggest selecting automatic bid since this automatically bids on your behalf, maximizing your campaign's chance of serve. If you choose maximum bid when you setup your campaign and input your bid, think of your max bid as how much you're willing to pay per pre-roll view. Remember, a pre-roll view is when your video is watched in 50% view for 2 seconds or more, or when someone clicks to expand/unmute your video. You can also choose to bid on a 3s/100% or 6s/50% view.

It's important to think carefully about the value each pre-roll view brings to your business. The recommended bid is a good indicator of the amount you will need to bid for your campaign to reach its goal. You'll never be charged more than your bid and advertisers are often charged less.  However, if your bid isn't competitive relative to other advertisers, your campaign may not serve.

In addition to controlling the amount you pay per action, you also have complete control over the amount you spend overall. After setting your bid, you're prompted to enter a total budget for the campaign and an optional daily budget. When your overall budget is reached, you campaign will stop serving until you increase the budget. When your daily budget is reached, your campaign will stop serving until the next day. 

What types of Tweets can I use in my pre-roll views campaign?

You cannot use any Tweets in a pre-roll views campaign, but rather you'll attach a video directly in campaign setup. Please reference our video specifications for more details.

This video will be paired with publisher Tweets and play before them as a pre-roll video. If your video is longer than six seconds, the viewer will be able to tap to skip at :06. View the preview at the top of this page to see how pre-roll videos render on timelines.

Best practices for your pre-roll video creative:

  • Use short-form video: To get your audience’s attention quickly on mobile, shorter ad lengths work best in achieving higher brand affinity. The ideal length is 6 seconds.
  • Include your branding within the initial video frames: Video ads create maximum impact when your brand is clearly identified within the first few frames — which is particularly important for content viewed on mobile devices.
  • Communicate visually: Video ads appear within a video stream, so it’s important to catch your audience's attention with strong visuals. Express your message without audio and add captions for sound-off viewers. 
How do you determine my videos will be matched with brand-safe content?

We use a combination of technology, people resources, and serving controls to ensure that pre-roll is only matched with publisher content in compliance with our strict brand safety guidelines. You may opt out of specific content categories that you do not want your ads to pair with, as well as exclude individual publishers against whose content you do not want your pre-roll to be paired with.

All publisher partner content must comply with the policies outlined here, and your pre-roll must comply with our Twitter Ads policies.

What partners are available for my video to match with?

Globally, we’ve partnered with over 200 of the best video publishers in the world, including top TV networks, major sports teams, and professional news outlets. In the United States, partners include - but are not limited to - Business Insider, CNN, Condé Nast Entertainment, Fox News, Fox Sports, Hearst Magazines Digital Media, IGN, Meredith Corporation, and Reuters.

Each of our publisher partners is classified into one of following categories: 

  • Automotive
  • Comedy
  • Politics
  • Entertainment & pop culture
  • Food & drink
  • Lifestyle
  • Music
  • Science & education
  • News & current events
  • Digital creators
  • Sports
  • Technology
  • Financial & business news
  • eSports & video games
  • Television

If you do not want your pre-roll to be paired with certain categories of publisher content, you can specify this on the "Targeting" page of campaign setup. You also have the option to exclude your videos from playing in front of specific @handles. To do this, navigate t o the Targeting page of campaign setup and type in @handles under the "Excluded Twitter accounts" section.

For a full list of our publisher partners, please reach out to your account representative. This list is not available for self-serve advertisers at this time. 



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