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  • What types of cards do you accept?
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    Twitter Ads currently accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards as a payment source. We also accept debit cards that have a Visa, MasterCard, or American Express logo.

    Twitter currently accept payments in the official currencies of all countries where the Twitter self-service ads product is available. For a complete list of these countries, please reference this article.

  • How to add a credit card
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    1. Log in to
    2. Click on your account name in the top right corner
    3. From the drop-down menu select "Payment methods"
    4. Enter your card number, expiration date, and billing address.
  • I can't find the payment methods option
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    If you click on your profile name in the top right corner and do not see a payment methods option available from the dropdown, there is another way to add a valid credit card to your account. If you go to you should see a banner message above your campaign dashboard asking you to enter a credit card (screenshot available below). Once you click on the "Enter a credit card" text link, you will then be prompted to add your billing information.

    Even after going through steps outlined above and you are still unable to access the payment methods options, feel free to reach our to our support team and we'd love to help assist you. To contact our support team, go to and in the top right corner click on the "Help?" button. From there, you will then be able to fill out the advertiser form and our team can help assist you accessing the payment methods page. 

  • Entering your card information
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    In order to finish setting up your card from the Add new payment method page, follow these instructions:

    1. Enter all the relevant fields for your card. Make sure your address matches the billing information on your card.
    2. Check the Twitter agreement box
    3. Click Proceed to confirmation
    4. Double check that the information you’ve entered is correct. If you’d like to edit the information you’ve entered, click Modify card details. If the information is correct, click Add this card
    5. You’ll be taken to the page where you can add, delete, and manage your cards. If your card is approved, you’ll see notifications that your card is Valid and Active.
    6. If you’d like to add another card, click Add new payment method on this page and repeat steps 1-5. You can reach this page at any time by clicking on the Billing tab.
  • How often will I be charged?
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    Due to our billing system rules, you may either be charged/billed on your credit card as often as once a day or at a maximum of 7 days.

    The billing period for which the engagements accrued is noted on the billing history page for each charge on your account, you can verify the exact date range of your charges by referencing the billing period on this page and on the PDF invoice on the same page.

  • Adding a new card
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    1. Click on the Billing tab in
    2. Click on Payment methods. You’ll be taken to the page where you can add, delete, and manage your card information.
    3. If the card you’d like to select has already been added, click on the credit card. Then click the Switch to this card button. Your campaigns will now be billed to the card you’ve selected.
  • Switching cards
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    If you’d like your campaigns to be billed to a brand new card, please follow these instructions:

    1. Click Add new payment method and fill in the relevant card fields
    2. Check the Make this card the active, default payment method box
    3. Click Proceed to confirmation and confirm that the information you’ve entered is correct. Click Add this card once you’ve verified the information.

    Your card will then go through an approval process. Once we’ve determined that the new card you’ve entered is valid, it will display the Active Card badge. Once this card is active, all your campaigns being billed to a card will be switched over to the new, active card.

  • Deleting a card
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    In order to delete your card, we require that all campaigns have been paused for more than 48 hours and you do not have an unbilled balance.

    To delete your card, click on “Account”, then click on “Payment Methods”.

    Once selected, you will then see an option to “Delete this card”. From there, you will then be able to successfully remove the card on file as a viable payment method. Note this will only be clickable if your campaigns have been paused for 48 hours and you do not have an unbilled balance.

    If your campaigns are in a non paused state (expired, exhausted, etc.), you will need to delete your campaigns in order to delete your card.

  • What is an advertiser credit?
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    We offer credits to selected advertisers who meet our eligibility criteria to test and audit our Twitter Ads products. If you have been offered a credit through one of our partner programs, the credit will appear as Credited and displayed on your Billing History page.

  • How do advertiser credits work?
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    If you are part of a program where participants were given an advertising coupon, the credit will be applied to your account after you successfully add a credit or debit card to your Twitter Ads account.

    A card is required in order to redeem your credit. Your card will be charged automatically for any amount your campaigns serve over the amount of the original credit. If you have an advertising coupon, the coupon funds will always be charged first before your card.

    To help manage your advertiser credit, we send a notification to the email address associated with your account when the ad credit is close to 80% exhausted. To view your total billable activity to date, navigate to the Spend metrics > Budget column on your main ads dashboard.

  • I would like to request a refund
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    If you would like to file a refund request, please file a support ticket by clicking here

    Please note, that if upon investigation our team does not identify any billing errors, we are unable to process your refund request.

  • Value-added tax (VAT)
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    For additional information on VAT, please refer to the following article.

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