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Agency resources

Agency resources

Work at a digital marketing agency? Check out our agency resources, chock-full of tips to get your agency up-to-speed on all things Twitter Ads.

2020 Twitter marketing calendar

2020 Twitter marketing calendar

Sports, film, music, and culture collide on Twitter 365 days a year. 

We’ve highlighted the events you need to help you plan campaigns and creative around key dates and conversations. Don’t miss what’s happening and download our 2020 Twitter lineup calendar.

Twitter Agency Playbook

We compiled the most frequently asked questions from agencies, partnered with our Customer Success team, and synthesized years of internal Twitter research to bring you this Playbook.

Character Count podcast

On our podcast we talk to the people behind some of Twitter's most interesting advertising stories. Tune in to find out how they built such effective campaigns and why Twitter's influential and valuable audience matters so much to them. 

Twitter video resources

Videos on Twitter drive the highest recall and emotional connection on any digital platform. Make your brand's message memorable, shareable, and replay-worthy by adding video to your Twitter advertising strategy.

Find inspiration from other brands

DoorDash's Social Media Manager shares his Twitter tips

One brand that stands out with their playful tone of voice and engaging Tweets is DoorDash. We chatted with Ryan Ochsner, Social Media Manager at DoorDash, to learn more about their Twitter strategy.

JustworksHR shares tips on creating a B2B social strategy

How can a B2B brand share their story in a relevant and engaging way? We chatted with the Social Media Manager at JustworksHR to learn more about their Twitter strategy.

Simon Books shares tips on creating organic and paid content

What type of content should you share? How do you plan and manage your marketing campaigns? We chatted with the marketing team at Simon Books to learn about their Twitter strategy.

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