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[Whitepaper]: How valuable are your followers?

[Whitepaper]: How valuable are your followers?

We partnered with the research firm Research Now to survey over 5,450 people from around the world who follow a small or medium-sized business (SMBs) on Twitter. 

One major theme that emerged from our research was that respondents developed meaningful relationships with the businesses that they follow, often resulting in tangible value for the business. In our new whitepaper, we explore the valuable relationships between businesses and their Twitter followers.

[Ebook]: Best practices to drive website traffic and app installs

[Ebook]: Best practices to drive website traffic and app installs

We spoke to our direct response specialists to understand the creative best practices that drive website conversions and app installs from Twitter.

See how to create stand-out creative content and optimize it to drive performance for your business — download the ebook today.

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We’ve built a campaign resource center to help you drive more traffic to your website. Check out our step-by-step campaign guide, from which you can learn how to build and optimize an effective website clicks or conversions campaign.

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Learn how to untap the true potential of Twitter in your B2B marketing efforts. Follow our best practices to build credibility and influence on Twitter, generate new leads, and drive sales.

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