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4 recommendations for Tweeting during COVID-19:

  • Keep up with current events
    Know what climate you're Tweeting in. What might have felt like a good message yesterday may not be the right thing to say today.
  • Be genuine
    This is not the time to disguise profit efforts or make sweeping pledges. Earn trust through transparency.
  • Be thoughtful about your tone of voice
    Sassiness may not be the best approach right now, but empathy and understanding can go a long way.
  • Consider the value you’re adding
    Don’t join the conversation just to join –– look for ways to contribute. Some ideas: use Tweets to share positivity, create community, or provide customer support.

Visit to see the latest steps Twitter is taking in response to COVID-19.


My biggest advice for people on social media is to be focused on a niche demographic and create content that they can't find anywhere else. Make it easy. Make it fun. And make it shareable.

Olamide Olowe, @topicals Co-founder and CEO
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