Creating Promoted Tweets and Cards FAQ

Having trouble creating a promoted tweet or advertiser card? Read below to find answers to a number of common questions. 

Common Issues

  • Why is my image not loading properly?
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    If you experience an issue attempting to upload an image to your Tweet or creative, make sure to check if you have AdBlock installed. If you have AdBlock installed, we recommend disabling the feature on the Ads platform and then attempt to upload the image again to see if that resolves the issue.

  • How do I delete a card?
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    At this time, it’s not currently possible to delete created Twitter Cards. However, to ensure that a Card is not used for a campaign, please be sure to check that all Tweets containing that Card is not selected for use in the "Choose your creatives" section of your campaign.

  • I'm receiving a "Your tweet could not be posted" error
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    If you are receiving a “Tweet could not be posted” error message, there could be a few reasons for the cause:

    • If you are using an image in your Tweet, it could be a sizing issue. We recommend resizing the image so the height is 1024px, and then trying to post the Tweet again. Be sure to consult our Ad Card specs here

    • Users creating tweets must be granted "Can Compose Promotable Tweet" access by the account administrator. Even if you were granted account admin status, this ability to publish and promote Tweets needs to be enabled separately. To do so, log directly into the account from which you want the Tweets to be published (the Tweeting @handle). In the drop down menu under your account name, select "Edit access." Click on the account you wish to provide access to and select the "Can compose promotable Tweets" check box. Please note that if you are not using multi-user log in and are the owner of the ads account, you do not need this feature enabled to compose promotable tweets. For more information on our multi user login functionalities, click here.

    • Using duplicate tweet copy. Please note that our systems prevent duplicate copy from previous promoted-only tweets.
    • URL contains more than 255 characters. Even if you have used a URL shortener within the Tweet the original URL must not contain more than 255 characters.
    • You haven't finished setting up your Twitter Ads account. In order to successfully set up and run a campaign using the full features of Twitter Ads, you must first add a valid payment method to your account. This can be done from either the "Add a new payment method" page or the "Billing history" page from your account name drop-down menu.



  • What are the specifications for twitter ads tweets?
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    Please find all specifications such as image sizes, video sizes, aspect ratio, etc, on our Help Center page here. For questions specifically related to Media Studio, check out our Media Studio FAQ here. 

  • What is the best size image to use in my Promoted tweet?
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    There's no one size fits all image type as Twitter is displayed on multiple devices, platforms, and screen resolutions but we recommend applying the most suitable image spec for whatever device you're targeting i.e. mobile ads might be optimized for a 1.1 image, whereas ads on desktop are better suited for 16:9. Please find our Advertiser card specifications FAQ here. 

  • I'm unable to add my tweet to my campaign
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    Common reasons why you would not be able to add a tweet to your campaign are as follows: 

    • Please note that only Tweets can be added to campaigns. To use a Card in a Tweet, go to the Cards library from the "Creatives" drop-down menu, create a Tweet using the specific Card, then add that Tweet to a campaign.
    • Tweet type is incompatible with campaign objective. Our systems prevent certain tweet types from being added to certain campaign objectives, for instance, we require a tweet to contain a video in order to be added to a Video Views campaign. 

Still having issues? Contact our Twitter Ads Support team by Direct Messaging @TwitterAdsHelp or filing an email support ticket at 

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