Twitter ad formats

What kind of ad formats does Twitter have?

Twitter offers simple, easy-to-understand, and easy-to-use ad products for advertisers to showcase their content and creative in the best format possible.

Watch the video and read below to learn about our five main advertising categories, and the corresponding suite of features that can be applied across them all.

Twitter’s standard Promoted Ad offering are versatile, can be used in multiple ways across each stage of the marketing funnel, and can be supported with additional standard or branded features like polls or conversation buttons. Promoted Ads can also support a variety of media formats through the following sub-categories:

  • Image Ads allow brands to showcase their product or service with a single photo.
  • Video Ads help bring products to life through video and can be used to drive people to a website, app, or simply to engage with your brand’s message.
  • Carousel Ads give advertisers up to six horizontally-swipeable images or videos to showcase multiple products or promotions, and advance a narrative across several visuals. Learn more about Carousels.
  • Moment Ads allow brands to create, curate and promote a collection of Tweets to tell an immersive story that goes beyond 280 characters.
  • Text Ads: With all the elements of a standard Tweet, these simple and native Text Ads feel like the rest of Twitter content and allow you to expand the reach of your Tweets beyond your followers to your desired target audience.
Video ads

Pictured above: Twitter Video Ad

The Follower Ads format are designed to increase visibility and can be used to promote an account to a targeted audience to build awareness and attract new followers.

Follower ads

Twitter Amplify allows advertisers to align their ads with premium video content from the most relevant publishers. Amplify offerings are broken out into two ad formats:

  • Amplify Pre-roll allows advertisers to select the content categories of the videos that their video ad will be served on from 15+ categories, including select Curated Categories in markets where they're available.
  • Amplify Sponsorships give advertisers a 1:1 pairing with a single publisher during a moment of their choice and Tweet-level control for the duration of the campaign. Please note that Amplify Sponsorships are not available to self-serve advertisers at this time.
Amplify pre-roll

Twitter's Takeover products are the most premium, mass-reach placements that drive results across the funnel by taking over the Timeline and Explore tabs. They give brands exclusive ownership of Twitter’s premium real estate across desktop and mobile, allowing you to maximize reach and drive lifts across the funnel. Takeover placements are offered as:

  • Timeline Takeover puts brands at the top of the conversation as the first ad of the day. People come to Twitter to discover what’s happening, and with Timeline Takeover, your ad is the first ad when someone opens Twitter.
  • Trend Takeover / Trend Takeover+ puts ads alongside what's trending, placing messages where the conversation starts on the Explore tab. Trend Takeover+ adds an additional immersive video creative element.
Trend Takeover+

Pictured above: Trend Takeover+ ad

Twitter Live enables advertisers to broadcast their biggest moments to the world and allow audiences to join in real-time. From product launches and conferences to watch parties and fashion shows, Twitter Live helps brands maximize their best livestream content and drive conversation with the audiences that matter. 

Twitter Live

Twitter offers a corresponding suite of standard and branded features that can be applied across the other five format categories. These include:

  • Polls add an interactive, eye-catching feature to ads and enable followers to engage with content.
  • Conversation Buttons drive engagement and conversation with embedded buttons that prompt people to Tweet about branded content. They include call-to-action buttons and customizable hashtags.
  • Website Buttons add a clickable functionality to Image and Video Ads, and allow them to serve as click-through real estate to a specific landing page.
  • App Buttons also add clickable functionality to ad creative and links to a specific App Store or Play Store app downoad page. If users already have the app downloaded, this button can also be configured to open into the specific app on mobile. 
  • Branded Hashtags allow advertisers to express their personality and add a fun, visually-appealing creative element wherever the hashtag is used across Twitter.
  • Branded Notifications enable people on Twitter to raise their hand to receive valuable content or experiences directly from brands, at the moments that matter most. Learn more about Branded Notifications.
Conversation Button

Pictured above: Conversation Button (Standard Feature)

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Using 3 or more ad formats increases campaign awareness by 20% and purchase intent by 7%.

Source: Nielsen Brand Effect (US/UK/JP/CA), Q3 2015 - Q3 2018 Connect campaigns. Comparison is v. 1 ad format alone.