Twitter Ads formats for every goal

Twitter Ads offers a variety of product options to showcase your content and media in the best format possible.

Although they can be used interchangeably, most map directly to a campaign objective and marketing goal to maximize results. Explore some of our most popular ad formats below, and experiment with a few to find the best fit.


Promoted Tweets

Capitalize on our standard Tweet features to convey your message in a short, efficient, and effective way. Run a poll, add a GIF, or promote your account. These formats work best with engagements, reach, and followers campaigns.


Carousel ads

Tell a story, show off different products, or highlight more features - all within a single ad. Carousels can host up to six images or videos that drive directly and seamlessly to your website or app.


Videos are some of the fastest-growing and most engaging media formats. Launch a Twitter video views or amplify pre-roll campaign to make a memorable impression and maximize performance.

Next steps

Once you choose your ad formats, follow our creative specifications to ensure your ads run at their optimal performance.

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Using 3 or more ad formats increases campaign awareness by 20% and purchase intent by 7%.

Source: Nielsen Brand Effect (US/UK/JP/CA), Q3 2015 - Q3 2018 Connect campaigns. Comparison is v. 1 ad format alone.

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