Device, carrier, and new mobile targeting

Reach Twitter’s highly mobile audience with relevant, timely messaging targeted to people based on the type of mobile device they use, the operating system for their device, and/or the mobile carrier. You also have the option to only target people with new devices.

To add these targeting criteria to your campaign, expand the menu by clicking "Device, carrier or new mobile user targeting" in the campaign edit screen.

Target users by device or iOS

To set up device specific targeting, click "Device, carrier or new mobile user targeting" in the campaign edit screen. Within the expanded menu, you’ll see the option to select which devices, platforms, and carriers you want to target. 

Target specific OS versions within iOS and Android

You can further customize your campaign based on device by clicking on "Limit targeting to specific devices or platforms".

Target WiFi users

For Android and iOS, we offer the ability to target people connected to WiFi. This is useful for brands looking to reach mobile users with a high speed connection to drive app downloads or access to high bandwidth content such as videos or livestreams.

To target users on WiFi, first click "Device, carrier or new mobile user targeting" in the campaign edit screen. In the expanded configuration menu, click "iOS/Android connection type options" and select "Limit to iOS/Android devices connected on Wi-Fi only".

Target by mobile carrier

Twitter offers the ability to target by the mobile carrier associated with their profile. This is a great tool for mobile carrier advertisers who want to target or exclude their existing customers from their campaigns on Twitter. 

To set up carrier targeting, first click "Device, carrier or new mobile user targeting"in the campaign edit screen. The "Select mobile carriers" section gives you the option to search for a specific mobile carrier or to browse carriers. If you choose to browse carriers, you'll be able to select carriers by country. 


Target new mobile devices

New mobile device targeting allows you to target people who have recently used Twitter on a new device.

To set up new device targeting, click "Device, carrier or new mobile user targeting" in the campaign edit screen. In the expanded configuration menu, you can target people based on when they first used Twitter on a new device or carrier. From there, you can select the timeframe for new devices that you want to target or exclude.

Best practices

  • Segment based on device: Want to target iOS users to let them know about your new iPhone app? Or get feedback from Android users for an upcoming release? Create separate campaigns for each type of device so that you can adjust bids independently and optimize for efficiency.
  • Offer an optimized experience: Make sure your website or landing page is optimized for mobile if you plan to use device targeting. If you don’t yet offer a mobile experience, you can still capture leads on mobile by using a lead generation card in your Tweets rather than a traditional landing page.
  • Target by mobile carrier: If you're a mobile carrier advertiser, consider using carrier targeting to create more efficient campaigns by targeting your customers or customers on other networks.
  • Reach people with new devices to reach those who are most likely to be interested in new apps or services for their device. Remember, narrowing your campaign by device, carrier, or new mobile device targeting can limit your reach. It’s a good idea to have multiple campaigns running - one applying more niche criteria at a higher bid and another with broader targeting and lower bid. 

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