Inappropriate Content

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This policy applies to Twitter’s paid advertising products.

What's the policy?

Twitter prohibits ads that contain inappropriate content globally. While all content on Twitter is subject to the Twitter Rules, we place additional restrictions on advertising content. 

Categories of content we consider to be inappropriate for advertising include:

  • Dangerous or exploitative content
  • Demeaning or inflammatory content
  • Personal attacks
  • Misrepresentative content
  • Profanity and vulgarity
  • Sensitive topics or events (e.g., deaths, natural/industrial disasters, violent attacks, civil disorder, etc.)
  • Violence

What is subject to this policy?

This prohibition applies to the ad, the landing page, the username, handle, bio, profile photo, and header image of the advertiser account. It also applies to targeting and hashtag appropriation.

What other Twitter resources relate to this policy?


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