Scheduled Tweets

Note: The Creatives tab and Tweet scheduling now appear after entering a credit card; there is no spend required when you add a credit card.

You can now schedule Tweets to be posted in the future.  Both organic and promoted-only Tweets can be scheduled for future delivery, and as needed, coordinated to go live with new or existing campaigns.

Anything that can be calendared in advance can be scheduled, such as new product releases or regular updates.  In addition, you can use this feature to publish tweets on the weekend, evenings, or other inconvenient times. Tweets can be scheduled up to a year in advance and down to 1-minute granularity.

Creatives Tab

How to create a new scheduled Tweet

Adding scheduled Tweets to campaigns

Scheduled Tweet management

Creatives Tab

You can now use the Creatives tab to create and manage both cards and scheduled Tweets:

In this Tweets manager, you can view all Tweets (posted and scheduled), only Promoted Tweets, or only scheduled Tweets:

How to create a new scheduled Tweet

There are two ways to create scheduled Tweets— via the Creatives tab, or the Tweet composer at the top right of Twitter Ads.

To get started, either:

  • Click the Tweet button at the top right of, OR
  • Click the Compose Tweet button at the top right of the Tweets manager within the Creatives tab

When the Tweet box pops up, add Tweet text, as well as a photo, location, or card as desired.  Then, select from the following three options to decide how, where and when you want your content delivered:


    • Standard — choose to deliver your Tweet organically, to all followers
    • Promoted-only — only deliver your Tweet to users as part of a Promoted Tweet campaign; don’t deliver this organically to followers


    • If desired, add your Tweet to an existing Promoted Tweet campaign (optional)


    • Post Now
    • Custom Delivery — select a date and time in the future, up to 1 year in advance. Note the Time zone indicated; this is tied to the advertiser’s account.

    Both organic and limited-delivery Tweets may be scheduled. Both types of Tweets will display in campaign setup, and can be targeted to an advertiser’s audience of choice.

    Adding scheduled Tweets to campaigns

    Promoting a scheduled Tweet is easy. Once you have created a scheduled Tweet in the Creatives tab, create a new campaign, or navigate to an existing campaign, and you will see the scheduled Tweet available for promotion.

    If you are in the process of setting up a campaign, you may also use the Tweet button at the top right of Twitter Ads to create a scheduled Tweet. This will immediately display in the Tweet selector, and be available to add to your current campaign.

    Complete campaign setup by selecting targeting, budget and bids, and then publishing or saving your campaign.

    Scheduled Tweet management

    All management, including editing and deletion, of scheduled Tweets is done through the Creatives tab.

    To delete a scheduled Tweet, click Delete beneath the scheduled Tweet in the Creatives tab.

    To edit a scheduled Tweet, click Edit beneath the scheduled Tweet in the Creatives tab. Then edit your Tweet content, delivery, promotion, and/or scheduling details. Click the Update scheduled Tweet button to save your changes.


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