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  • Who is Promote Mode for?
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    Promote Mode works best for people who are promoting their brand or product and want an automated, always-on advertising solution.

  • How does it work?
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    Use Twitter as you normally do — Tweeting updates, links, and media that you want your target audience to see. Promote Mode does the rest.

    When Promote Mode is enabled, you’ll run an always-on Promoted Account campaign. You’ll also run a Promoted Tweet campaign that will include up to the first ten Tweets you send each day.*  Retweets, Quote Tweets, or replies will not be promoted.

    Typically you will reach thousands of additional people and add tens of followers each month.**  


  • How is this different from Twitter Ads?
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    Instead of managing individual Twitter Ads campaigns yourself, Promote Mode automates promotion of your Tweets and your account for a monthly fee.

    If you would like to call more attention to specific Tweets or want to power up your efforts, you can start a campaign at at any time and it will not affect your Promote Mode subscription.


  • Can I choose which Tweets to promote?
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    You can pause your promotion by toggling the “Promotion status” slider in the “Subscription” menu when you tap the gear icon. When toggled off, the promotion of published Tweets will pause and new Tweets will not be promoted.

    You may resume promotion by toggling back on.

    Retweets, replies, and Quote Tweets will not be promoted at any time.


  • When will I be billed?
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    You will be billed the day you sign up for Promote Mode, then again, on a 30-day cycle as long as your subscription is active. Your billing dates are displayed under the “Billing” menu when you tap the gear icon. Temporarily pausing the promotion of your Tweets, with the “Promotion status” slider, does not pause or cancel your subscription.

  • How do I update my targeting selection?
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    Tap the gear icon, select “Subscription” in the menu and then tap “Edit” next to “Targeting”.

  • How do I cancel?
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    You may cancel anytime by selecting “Subscription” in your Promote Mode settings menu, accessed by tapping the gear icon.

    Upon canceling, your subscription will continue for the remainder of that billing cycle. Your Tweets and account will still be promoted during the time, unless you pause the promotion using the “Promotion status” slider. Promotion will end and your account will be canceled at the end of your last billing cycle. We do not offer prorated refunds.


  • How do I get help?
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    You can contact us by Direct Message at @TwitterAdsHelp.

    *Not every Tweet that is added to your Promoted Tweet campaign will serve an impression, and the extent each Tweet is promoted may vary based on performance.


  • Program eligibility
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    Tweets that adhere to our Quality Policy and Ads Policy will be eligible for promotion. Accounts that promote prohibited or restricted goods or services, as identified by our Twitter Ads Policies, are not eligible to participate in this program

    **performance may vary based on factors including but not limited to your account type, your targeting selection, the type and frequency of your Tweets, and other criteria.


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