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  • What are Promoted-only Tweets?
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    Promoted-only Tweets are Promoted Tweets that are only shown to users targeted in your advertising campaigns. Unless specifically targeted, Promoted Tweets do not show on your followers’ timelines. When seen by a targeted user, they act like normal Tweets and can receive replies and be shared, Retweeted, liked, etc.

  • How do I create Promoted-only Tweets?
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    Promoted-only Tweets, like all Promoted Tweets, can be created from Twitter Ads, either from the main Tweet composer or during campaign creation. Any Twitter Ads user with the ability to compose Tweets can create promoted-only Tweets.

    From the main Tweet composer, you must select “Promoted only” under the delivery options. Any Tweet created in the campaign form while creating or editing a campaign will automatically be set to promoted-only.

  • Who sees Promoted-only Tweets?
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    Promoted-only Tweets are shown to the people you target in your campaigns. They are not shown to your followers, unless you specifically target them in your campaign. If you choose to schedule the Tweet, it will not be published until the date and time you specify.

    Note: While Promoted-only Tweets are effectively hidden, they are still “live” Tweets. This means if you mention a Twitter user in your Tweet (e.g. “Hi @Twitter”) that user will receive a notification that they were mentioned with a link to the Tweet. In addition, because promoted-only Tweets are live, they are also viewable by our data partners who have access to all live Tweets for analysis purposes.

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