Political Content

This page contains all Political Content Policy resources.


Global Political Content Policy

This policy applies to political content which consists of political campaigning and issue advocacy advertising.

Country-specific policies that require certification:

Advertisers can start the certification process here.

Note: the certification process for Australia, India, and EU Parliamentary elections is closed.

Policy Resources

Political Campaigning

How to get certified as a political campaigning advertiser

Political campaigning FAQs

Issue Advocacy

How to get certified as an issue advocacy advertiser (US only)

How to get exempted as a news publisher from the Issue Ads Policy (US only)

Issue Advocacy FAQs


Other Resources

• Ads Transparency Center - Search all Promoted Tweets that are currently running on Twitter.

Ads Transparency Center FAQs  - Learn more about the ATC and information shown for political ads. 

Ads Help Form - Report issues and start the certification process.


Twitter permits political advertising which includes political campaigning and issue advertising but there may be additional country level restrictions. In addition to Twitter Ads policies, all political content advertisers must comply with applicable laws regarding disclosure and content requirements, eligibility restrictions, and blackout dates for the countries where they advertise.

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