Promoted Tweets

Make your Tweets count even more with advanced targeting and tools. 

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Give your Tweets super powers.

Promoted Tweets are regular Tweets but with the added bonus of reaching both current and potential followers you target.

Promoted Tweets can appear in:

Targeting: You’ve got options.

Target by keywords in Tweets.

Tweets send important signals about what users are experiencing in the moment – their thoughts, feelings, wants and needs. Reach users at the right moment, in the right context, by targeting keywords in timeline.

Image of keyword targeting in timeline


Target by interests and gender.

We know where to find the guys, gals, fashionistas, gamers, foodies, activists, and whoever else you might want to reach.

Target by geography.

Getting local? Moving to a new market? Target by country or metro area so people in the right places see your message.

Target by device.

Target specific mobile or desktop devices to catch up with people on-the-go or from the comfort of their living rooms.

Target by similarity to existing followers.

Your followers already love you. We’ll help you find more just like them.

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Track your progress with analytics. It’s easy.

We’ve equipped Twitter Ads with great tools to help you analyze your Twitter activity, from followers to engagement.

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