Tweet Activity Dashboard

The Tweet Activity Dashboard (TAD) displays Tweet data to help you optimize your performance on Twitter. You can leverage these insights to inform ongoing strategy for both paid and organic Tweets.

For each Tweet you send, you’ll be able to track the number of impressions, engagements, and its earned engagement rate. Once you learn what resonates with your audience, you can start Tweeting similar content. This dashboard is a helpful place to visit for content planning. 

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Tweet Activity Dashboard data

  1. Organic and Promoted Tweet impressions and engagements. Tweet level metrics organized by all Tweets, Tweets and replies, and Promoted Tweets
  2. Charts to quickly gauge month-to-month performance.
  3. Tweet previews and detailed engagement metrics. Click on any Tweet in the dashboard to bring up the Tweet Detail view, which includes metrics such as Retweets, likes, replies, and more.
  4. Export .CSV file. Includes all Tweet-level data and permalinks, broken down by organic vs. promoted metrics.

How to access TAD

Twitter Activity Dashboard is a free feature. You can access it by signing up for an ads account at, or by registering at

To locate TAD on, select the "Tweets" tab.

On, click on the "Analytics" drop-down and select "Tweet activity".

Tweets on TAD not appearing


How to use TAD for metrics

The dashboard is separated into 4 parts, each showcasing a different set of metrics:

1. Organic and Promoted Tweet impressions and engagements

Here you'll see Tweet-level metrics organized by Tweets, Tweets and replies, and Promoted Tweets. You can click between the tabs for easy viewing. 

Only Tweets that were originally published during the date range that you have selected will appear in this view. However, the Tweets shown will display all metrics that they've accumulated since creation. 

For example, if you have "Last 7 Days" selected as your date range, only Tweets that have been Tweeted within the last 7 days will be displayed here. The metrics they show will be the total number of impressions and engagements they've gathered over the course of their life.

2. Charts to gauge performance over time

Along the top and right side of TAD, you'll find helpful charts that display a number of metrics over time. You can change the date range for which they display by toggling the dates in the top-right corner.

These charts include details on: 

  • Impressions
  • Engagement rate
  • Link clicks
  • Retweets
  • Likes
  • Replies

These will include data from both promoted and organic Tweets. The charts display metrics across all your Tweets during the date range you've selected, regardless of whether they were created during that date range.

3. Tweet previews and detailed engagement metrics

Click on any Tweet in the dashboard to bring up the Tweet detail page. This will lead you to the following view, where you can see the total metrics a Tweet has gained over its lifetime. Hover over any metric in the Tweet detail page to see its definition. 

4. Export .CSV file

In the top right corner of TAD, you'll see an option to export your Tweet data. To do this, first select the date range you wish to download. Next, select "Export" to receive a .CSV file of your data. The .CSV file breaks out organic and promoted metrics separately, and the timezone of the export is set to UTC/GMT.

Please note: You can export up to 30 days of data at a time and there is a 3,000 Tweet cap per .CSV export. So if you're trying to export a large date range with thousands of replies, you may have to limit the date range into smaller increments to successfully download your data.


Common definitions

To find a definition of a metric in TAD, hover over the word. You can also find their definitions below: 

  • App install attempts: Clicks to install an app via the Tweet’s App Card
  • App opens: Clicks to open an app via the Tweet’s App Card
  • Detail expands: Clicks on the Tweet to view more details
  • Embedded media clicks: Clicks to view a photo or video in the Tweet
  • Engagements: Total number of times someone interacted with a Tweet. Clicks anywhere on the Tweet, including Retweets, replies, follows, likes, links, cards, hashtags, embedded media, username, profile photo, or Tweet expansion.
  • Engagement rate: The number of engagements divided by the number of impressions
  • Likes: The amount of people who "liked" the Tweet
  • Follows: Total number of times someone began following you directly from your Tweet
  • Hashtag clicks: Clicks on hashtag(s) in the Tweet
  • Impressions: Times people were served a Tweet in their timeline or search results
  • Link clicks: Clicks on a URL or card in the Tweet
  • Permalink clicks: Clicks on the Tweet's permalink (desktop only)
  • Replies: Total number of times someone replied to the Tweet
  • Retweets: Total number of times someone Retweeted the Tweet
  • Shared via email: Total number of times someone emailed the Tweet to others
  • User profile clicks: Clicks on the name, @handle, or profile photo of the Tweet's author

Frequently asked questions

Tweet data is not appearing

Twitter Analytics, including the Tweet Activity Dashboard, is a free service available to all Twitter users who have an ads account and/or register at

To maintain access to Tweet Activity Dashboard, please make sure: 

If you're unable to see data in your Tweet Activity Dashboard, it's likely that your account has been found in violation in one of the above policies. Learn about how we enforce our policies

If you still have questions, file a support ticket at or through our main help center

Are Tweet metrics updated in real-time?

Yes, Tweets along with their impression and engagement metrics, are usually updated within a few seconds. Please note that our systems take up to 36 hours to stabilize, so you may see a slight fluctuation in data during that time.

Do the "Tweets" and "Tweets and replies" tabs include organic and promoted data?

Yes. The data in the "Tweets" and "Tweets and replies" tab includes both organic and promoted Tweets, and the "Promoted" tab only lists Tweets that have been promoted.

When a Tweet in any tab has been promoted, it will include a row for organic data, and a row for promoted data. The first row contains organic-only metrics, and the second row labeled “Promoted in X campaign(s)” contains promoted-only metrics, summed up across all campaigns.

How can I find the campaigns where my Tweets were promoted?

The Tweet detail page includes a list of campaigns that the Tweet was promoted in. You can access this page by clicking on an individual Promoted Tweet. Clicking on the campaign will take you to that campaign page.

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