Ads Transparency Center FAQs

All Promoted Tweets


Why are my ads showing in the Ads Transparency Center?

The Ads Transparency Center (ATC) was created to show all running ads as part of a larger effort to increase transparency across Twitter. Currently, only Promoted Tweets appear in the Ads Transparency Center.  We are working to include other ad formats in the future. 

Who can access the ATC?

The ATC is available globally to everyone. The ATC shows Promoted Tweets from advertisers globally, even if they were only served in certain countries. You don't need a Twitter account to access the ATC.

How often is the ATC updated?

The ATC is updated approximately every 24 hours.

What information is displayed for all ads?

All Promoted Tweets that have run within the last 7 days are available in the ATC. In-Stream Video Ads and other ad formats are not included right now, but will be in future iterations.

If a Promoted Tweet is withheld in a particular country will the Tweet appear in the ATC?

Country withheld ads will only appear in countries where the content is allowed.

Does the ATC show Promoted-only Tweets?


Can I see social engagement counts from the ATC?

You can see Retweets and like count, but not reply count.

Why do I only see one ad when it ran multiple times?

The ATC only shows the ad once even if the same ad ran multiple times to provide a better user experience.

If an ad runs on multiple days what date is shown on the ad?

The date shown on the ad is the date on which the organic Tweet was created. All Promoted Tweets are shown as long as they served within the last 7 days.

Do views from the ATC count as impressions?

You will not be billed for engagements, views or impressions that occur on the ATC, and such actions will likewise be excluded from campaign metrics.

What happens if a @username has multiple ad accounts?

All content promoted from the same @username will be aggregated into one timeline.

Do deleted Promoted Tweets or Tweets from deleted accounts show in the ATC?

If an advertiser deletes a Promoted Tweet or their Twitter @username, their Tweets will no longer show in the ATC.

If a Tweet is reported and taken down or suspended will it still appear in the ATC?

If an ad is reported and taken down from Twitter, it will be tombstoned in ATC within approximately 24 hours. If the account was suspended, Tweets will not be shown in the ATC. The same applies to deleted users and Tweets.

Will Video and In-stream Video Ads be shown in the ATC?

Yes, Video Ads are shown in the ATC. Currently, In-stream Video Ads and other ad formats are not shown in the ATC but we are working to include all ad formats in the future.

Political Promoted Tweets


What information is shown for political advertisers?

Once an advertiser agrees to the updated Terms of Service from their certified political ads account, the Twitter account will appear in the Ads Transparency Center under the corresponding country's advertiser list. Once a campaign serves impressions, the ATC will show the campaign disclaimer, spend, impressions and demographic targeting data.

When will the ATC show information for political advertisers in other markets?

Political campaigning ads for supported countries will show once enforcement begins. A list of supported countries is available in our Political Content directory page.

When do political ads begin to show in the ATC?

Political campaigning ads will begin to show once an entity completes the certification process and agrees to the updated Terms of Service prior to running their first campaign.

Why are only some political ads showing?

Currently, only Promoted Tweets appear in the Ads Transparency Center.  We are working to include other ad formats in the future. In addition, only ads from certified accounts per the Political Content Ads Policy are displayed in the ATC. If you see ads that fall within the policy that are not in the ATC, please report them through the “Report ad” option found on the Promoted Tweet, or fill out an online form on the Twitter Help Center.

Why are my non-political ads showing in the political section?

If you are promoting both political campaigning and non-political ads, make sure you use the appropriate ad account.

What happens if a certified account has multiple ad accounts promoting political campaigning content?

Ads from the same Twitter @username with multiple ad accounts will be aggregated into one timeline.

How do I see Tweet details for political campaigning ads?

Type an account into the search box and click on “Ad details” on the Tweet to view Tweet performance summary and targeting information by campaign.

Why aren’t spend and impressions disaggregated in the campaign performance summary?

Spend below $100 and impressions less than 1K are not disaggregated.

How is targeting displayed?

The ATC shows a summary per campaign with more than one Tweet along with targeted and actual audience details.

What is the difference between targeted audience and actual audience?

Targeted audience includes demographics of the advertiser’s intended audience for a particular campaign. Actual audience includes demographics of the audience the advertiser actually reached.

Why is there no information for targeted audience?

If an advertiser does not target based on demographics no information will show.

Does targeting information for tailored audiences show in the ATC?

The ATC indicates the existence of a tailored audience but does not show specific details.

Why do I see so many age ranges?

Twitter uses models to predict the age of users who don’t share it during the sign-up process. Models assign users to one of multiple categories which are not mutually exclusive and impressions may be double counted.

Why did a political campaigning ad serve in languages or countries not intended by the advertiser?

Language and geo models are dependent on situational factors and could potentially serve in other languages/countries than those targeted.

What does the Billing Information tab show?

The billing information tab shows all billing addresses —city and state only— associated with the ad account. If a credit card is used, the individual’s name on the credit card will be disclosed. If billed through an Insertion Order (IO), the name of the advertiser or agency will be disclosed. The Billing information tab is automatically populated and cannot be modified once the ad campaign is running.

Can I report incorrect information?

You can report incorrect information through the Twitter Ads Help form under the Political Advertiser Certification section.  

If you are located in the European Union or EFTA States and you wish to raise a concern about our use of your billing information in the Ads Transparency Center, you can confidentially contact Twitter’s Data Protection Officer here.

How do I select a payment method before it gets published on the ATC?

A payment method already added to your ads account will be assigned as default. You can change your default option through the “Payment methods” page. 

If a political campaigning advertiser pauses a campaign after it ends, will the ads remain in the ATC?  

Yes, if the original organic Tweets exist, they will remain in the Ads Transparency Center.

If a political campaigning advertiser deletes its @username, will their ads remain in the ATC?

If the @username no longer exists, all associated ads will no longer appear in the ATC.

Can I report an ad through the ATC?

At the moment, you can’t report directly from the ATC. To report an ad, click on the “Report ad” option found on the promoted Tweet, or fill out an online form on the Twitter Help Center.


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