Ads transparency center FAQs

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Why are my ads showing in the Ads Transparency Center?

The Ads Transparency Center (ATC) was created to show all running ads as part of a larger effort to increase transparency across Twitter. Currently, Promoted Tweets, brand reminders, video ads, and in-stream video ads appear in the Ads Transparency Center. We are working to include other ad formats.

Who can access the ATC?

The ATC is available globally to everyone. The ATC shows Promoted Tweets from advertisers globally, even if they were only served in certain countries. You do not need a Twitter account to access the ATC.

How often is the ATC updated?

The ATC is updated approximately every 24 hours.

What information is displayed for all ads?

For Promoted Tweets, video ads, and In-stream video ads, the ATC shows the Tweet copy and associated creative.

If a Promoted Tweet is withheld in a particular country, will the Tweet appear in the ATC?

Country withheld ads will only appear in countries where the content is allowed.

Does the ATC show Promoted-only Tweets?


Can I see social engagement counts from the ATC?

You can see Retweets and like count, but not reply count.

Why do I only see one ad when it ran multiple times?

The ATC only shows the ad once even if the same ad ran multiple times to provide a better user experience.

If an ad runs on multiple days, what date is shown on the ad?

The date shown on the ad is the date on which the organic Tweet was created. All Promoted Tweets are shown as long as they served within the last 7 days.

Do views from the ATC count as impressions?

You will not be billed for engagements, views, or impressions that occur on the ATC, and such actions will likewise be excluded from campaign metrics.

What happens if a @username has multiple ad accounts?

All content promoted from the same @username will be aggregated into one timeline.

Do deleted Promoted Tweets or Tweets from deleted accounts show in the ATC?

If an advertiser deletes a Promoted Tweet or their Twitter @username, their Tweets will no longer show in the ATC.

If a Tweet is reported and taken down or suspended, will it still appear in the ATC?

If an ad is reported and taken down from Twitter, it will be tombstoned in ATC within approximately 24 hours. If the account was suspended, Tweets will not be shown in the ATC. The same applies to deleted users and Tweets.

What ad formats are shown in the ATC?

Only Promoted Tweets, video ads, and in-stream video ads are shown in the ATC. We are working on including other ad formats.

Can I report an ad through the ATC?

At the moment, you cannot report directly from the ATC. To report an ad, click on the “Report ad” option found on the Promoted Tweet or submit this form.

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