Measure success in real time with our analytics suite.

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More data means better results.

Our analytics give you the ability to track multiple components of your Twitter Ads activity, learn more about the behavior of your customers and adjust your campaign to drive better results.

Watch your Promoted Tweets and Accounts perform in real time.

It’s simple. You’ll see the fundamental metrics for your Promoted Tweets and Accounts campaigns, including impressions, Retweets, clicks, replies and follows, as they happen. Larger brands can also see these metrics for their Promoted Trends.

Timeline is on your side.

The timeline activity dashboard provides a comprehensive look at all of your activity on Twitter. See how every single Tweet performs with mentions, follows, reach and more. Then look for insights, trends and opportunities to optimize.

 Full Service, Timeline Dashboard

Find out what makes your followers tick.

Use the Followers dashboard to learn more about your audience. Keep track of the growth of your follower base and get valuable insights about their interests, geography and engagement.

Take your data to go.

Do more with your numbers. You can download CSV files for each dashboard to use in presentations, tables and databases.