A fitness company grew their follower base and found brand ambassadors

Onnit (@Onnit) is a popular fitness products company. Their mission is to inspire peak performance in its exercise-loving customers, by providing them with supplements, foods, and fitness equipment.

Campaign objective

Onnit uses Twitter to communicate with its customers and to work directly with brand ambassadors. 

When the company is running a big sale, it wants to let people like those who follow their brand ambassadors know it’s a good moment to try Onnit products at a lower cost. 

To reach this audience, Onnit ran a followers campaign with Twitter Ads.


Targeting health-conscious 18- to 34-year-olds across numerous international markets.



lower average cost-per-acquisition (CPA) than target

"When it comes to online marketing, we use almost every method there is. Our conversions from this campaign provided one of the best CPAs of any platform we ran on during this period."

— Orlando Rios, Online Marketing Manager, Onnit

Keys to success

Finetune targeting to reach an interested audience

Onnit wanted to reach 18- to 34-year-olds who followed key Onnit brand ambassadors. It began by using follower targeting to reach people similar to those following certain Twitter handles, such as celebrity and former mixed martial artist @joerogan.

It then used tailored audience targeting to narrow the focus of its campaign even further. 

To avoid any wasted spend, Onnit only targeted Twitter users in the countries to which the company ships.  

Underline the benefits of following in short Tweets

To keep the audience’s attention on the core call-to-action of following Onnit, the campaign Tweet included the word “follow” and omitted any links or images. 

By avoiding distractions and giving multiple reasons to follow, Onnit kept the goal of the campaign front and centre.

"There is no better way to communicate with our brand ambassadors and their audiences than Twitter Ads. It provides a non-invasive way for us to get our message across to new audiences."

— Orlando Rios, Online Marketing Manager, Onnit

Use online conversion tracking to measure results

The Onnit team used a snippet of code called a website tag to track conversions they achieved through their Twitter Ads campaign. This enabled them to gain a clear understanding of the value of each follower they gained through the campaign.

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