A watch company increased website traffic and sales with a Twitter Ads campaign

MVMT Watches (@mvmtwatches) produces minimalist watches with leather or steel wristbands. Originally crowdfunded in 2013, this online business ships around the world.

Campaign objective

MVMT Watches uses Twitter to inform its followers of news and updates, and to share user-generated content. It also responds to its customers’ questions on Twitter.

To drive traffic to their website and subsequent sales during the busy holiday shopping period, they partnered with 3Q Digital (@3QDigital) to create a website clicks or conversions campaign on Twitter.


MVMT Watches targets a wide range of demographics, but focuses on its core audience of men aged 18-34 in the US, and in international markets such as the UK and Australia.



increase in sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday compared with the daily average across the rest of Q4



increase in site traffic on Black Friday and Cyber Monday compared with the daily average across the rest of Q4

“Twitter’s core demographics fall right in line with our target audience. We also usually find more success when we can get our product’s image in front of our customer. Since Twitter’s ads are very visual, this really benefitted us.”

— Joey Kovac, Account Lead, 3Q Digital

Keys to success

Use Website Cards to capture attention on Twitter

During competitive holiday sale days such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, MVMT Watches used Website Cards to maximize the traffic and sales it achieved from its Twitter Ads campaigns. Website Cards see a 43% higher engagement rate compared to Promoted Tweets with links.*

“The main objective for our Twitter campaigns was to acquire new customers, but we were able to gain new followers and inform our current customers of new products in the process.”

— Jake Kassan, Co-Founder, MVMT Watches

Showcase seasonal discounts to attract shoppers

Our research has found 73% of consumers are more likely to buy from a small business during the holidays if they see a sale, deal, or special on Twitter.** MVMT Watches tapped into this audience by promoting their best seasonal deals and adding a sense of urgency by making it clear in their Tweet copy that offers were for a limited time.

“We have found the audiences we are targeting on Twitter respond very well to any sales we run.”

— Joey Kovac, Account Lead, 3Q Digital

Assess campaign performance with conversion tracking

To track the results they achieved through their Twitter Ads campaign, the MVMT Watches team used a snippet of code called a website tag. 

This enabled them to understand exactly how many conversions (watch purchases from their website, in this case) they gained through the campaign.

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*Twitter internal data
**Twitter Small Business Holiday Insights, Twitter + Millward Brown 2015

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