A mobile app increased awareness and downloads with a followers campaign

Realifex (@Realifex) is an app for iPhone and Apple Watch that acts as a personal life coach and helps users with their self-improvement goals. The app is focused on providing insights that help people embrace who they truly are.


Realifex was looking for ways to build awareness and boost downloads of their app. They chose to run an always-on followers campaign to help increase their brand recognition and build a group of engaged advocates.



Targeting iOS users from 18 countries around the world.



increase in followers over 90 days

"A followers campaign helps us build awareness around the brand within our target audience. Twitter accounts for nearly half of our app downloads."

— Alex Prate, Founder, Realifex

Keys to success

Run an always-on campaign

By running their followers campaign without pause, Realifex is consistently adding to their community. These new followers have shown a strong signal of intent, and are primed to respond to Realifex’s content and download their app. 

To capitalize on this intent, Realifex also ran video and mobile app install campaigns on Twitter. This approach allowed them to build off of their growing awareness and achieve multiple business goals. 

Keep Tweet copy focused on the desired call-to-action

Realifex's Tweet copy provided a strong call to action by including the words “Follow us” and highlighting the type of content they share on Twitter.

To keep the audience focused on following, there were no photos or hashtags included in ad copy. By keeping their ads actionable and concise, Realifex was able to maximize their results.

Set daily and maximum budgets

The ability to set maximum campaign and daily budgets allowed Realifex to easily control their expenses. The campaigns dashboard allowed them to see their cost-per-follower at a glance.

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