Credit limits for ads accounts

A credit limit is the maximum balance we allow an ads account to spend before halting campaigns. 

You can find your ads account's credit limit in your "Billing history" tab, where you will see your total credit limit and how much of your credit limit you've used.

Billing frequency

How often you're billed depends on your ads account's credit limit, and how quickly your campaigns hit 25% of your limit. For example, if your credit limit is $200, 25% of your credit limit is $50. 

You'll automatically be billed in the following scenarios:

  1. You spend 25% or more of your credit limit in a single day. Here, you'll be billed immediately for that day. For example, if your credit limit is $200, and your campaigns spent $50 or more in a day, you will be charged immediately that day for the amount you spent. 
  2. You spend less than 25% of your credit limit in a single day. Here, you'll be billed every 7 days. For example, if your credit limit is $200, and your campaigns spend $0.00-49.99 in a day for seven days in a row, you will be charged on the seventh day for that total spend of days 1-7. 
  3. Your spend varies by day. If your credit limit is $200 and on day 1 your campaigns spent $49.99 (under 25% of credit limit), then on day 2 your campaigns spend $55 (over 25% of credit limit), you'll be billed immediately on day 2 for your total spend (on Day 1 + Day 2 = $104.99 + tax). 

We do not offer the option to choose when you are charged; it happens automatically by our systems per the above rules. 

A "billing period" is every time you're invoiced. You can see all of your billing periods and each transaction in your account on the "Billing history" page. You can verify the exact date range of your charges by referencing this page. It can also be downloaded as a PDF here. 


How can I raise my credit limit?

We will automatically increase your credit limit based on certain conditions. If you need your credit limit increased before this is automatically applied, please submit a support ticket.


Why are my campaigns showing as "Halted"?

When your campaigns reach your credit limit, they will show as "Halted" until you're billed and the charges are paid. To un-halt your campaigns, simply pay your charges.


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