Advertiser credits


  • What is an advertiser credit?
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    We offer credits to selected advertisers who meet our eligibility criteria to test and audit our Twitter Ads products. If you have been offered a credit through one of our partner programs, the credit will appear as Credited and displayed on your Billing History page.

  • How do advertiser credits work?
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    If you are part of a program where participants were given an advertising coupon, the credit will be applied to your account after you successfully add a credit or debit card to your Twitter Ads account.

    A credit card is required in order to redeem your credit. Your credit card will be charged automatically for any amount your campaigns serve over the amount of the original credit. If you have an advertising coupon, the coupon funds will always be charged first before your credit card.

    To help manage your advertiser credit, we send a notification to the email address associated with your account when the ad credit is close to 80% exhausted. To view your total billable activity to date, navigate to the Spend metrics > Budget column on your main ads dashboard.

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