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Promoting your app is the perfect way to connect with mobile users and drive re-engagements in your app.

Twitter is not only a great place for us to acquire customers, but because we’re then using the platform to re-engage the same customers, it’s also been a driver of more valuable installs and increased repeat purchasing behavior in the app.

Sarah Bidnick, VP of Marketing at TodayTix
Increase app re-engagements

Drive people to open, update, or take action in your app with an app re-engagements campaign. 

Your audience will easily transition from Twitter to your app using App Cards or Carousels — a powerful ad format that showcases your creative, app ratings, download count, price, app icon (iOS only), and a click-through all in one place.


How it works

Design and build your App Card or Carousel with eye-catching visuals, a tagline, and supporting copy. Your app rating, download count, price, and app icon (iOS only) will automatically import from your app store reviews, depending on certain thresholds (ie. four-star or higher app rratings will allow that parameter to appear on the App Card). 

Your ad will be displayed in multiple locations on Twitter — including home timelines, profile and Tweet detail pages, search results, and apps across our apps across the Twitter Audience Platform — and will be labeled as “Promoted”. Get the step-by-step guide to start building this campaign.

How to create an App Card

  1. Visit and navigate to the “Creatives” > “Cards” tab. If you do not see these tabs, you must add a payment method to your account first.  
  2. Click “Create Card” and select "App Card" from the drop-down.
  3. Choose between an “Image app card” or “Video app card”.
  4. Input your selected image or video. 

  5. Select your geographical region, call-to-action, and follow the steps to drive to your app download link. 

  6. Name your card and click “Create”.

  7. Once the card is created, it will show up in your “Cards library”. Hover over your desired card, click on the “Tweet” icon, add Tweet copy, and Tweet it!

Follow the specifications here and policies here for best results.

Best practices

App Cards can host both videos and images, so test and iterate with 3-5 creative options to learn what your audience is most drawn to. Refresh them every few weeks to make sure your Tweet stays relevant and timely. Test a few different copy and CTA variations too, and make sure your copy is short and communicates your app’s unique value. 

Set up mobile conversion tracking and integrate with Apple's SKAdNetwork to get a more in-depth analysis and focused look at your ROI. Don’t forget to view more data in your Ads Manager dashboard and utilize our advanced targeting tools. Get more optimization tips for best results.

Make sure you're in the know with iOS14 and its upcoming AppTrackingTransparency changes.

Learning Period

When you launch a new campaign, for the first 3-5 days, our systems will explore to try to find the best users for your ads. We call this initial exploration phase the Learning Period.

During the Learning Period, we strongly advise you to avoid making changes to your campaign to allow our systems to learn and calibrate as efficiently as possible. During this phase, you will likely see fluctuations in performance. After the Learning Period, your campaign’s performance should stabilize. If you still are not seeing performance after the first 3-5 days, we suggest increasing your bids, widening your target audience, or refreshing your creative.

What you pay for

You only pay for clicks that lead people to open your app. Impressions that don't result in those actions are free. 

The cost you pay per app click depends on the budget and bid you set for your campaign, as well as the targeting you select. You'll receive real-time bid guidance during the setup process.

You’re also not charged any other non-objective benefits, even though running a campaign to boost one metric often helps other metrics as well.

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