Flock to unlock

A unique way to drive sales on Twitter

Whether you have excess inventory to move or are debuting a seasonal product, promotions are a great way to get your followers to make immediate purchases. Explore using a tactic unique to Twitter: the Flock to Unlock. 

Incentivise followers to spread your message by Retweeting (i.e. sharing) your Tweet to unlock exclusive content. Follow these steps in setting up your promotion:

  1. Find an incentive your followers will love. 
    Don’t skimp on this step. Give some consideration to what will excite your followers and be sure they know the offer is exclusive to Twitter. To get people more engaged, ask for their suggestions. 
  2. Determine the number of Retweets. 
    Start with the average number of Retweets you normally would get from your best performing Tweets then add a few more since offers will likely attract more engagement. 
  3. Drum up anticipation. 
    Start Tweeting about when the campaign will launch. Follow up with frequent countdowns and campaign mentions (including hashtags and Retweets) to gain visibility and boost excitement. 
  4. Launch and stay engaged. 
    Tweet the promotion specifics with clear instructions on how to earn the incentive. Then fuel your campaign with Tweets that convey progress in real time, telling followers when they’re close to reaching the goal number of Retweets. 
  5. Reward your followers. 
    When they reach the set number of Retweets, give your followers their well-deserved reward. You can embed the content into the Tweet itself or use a link to drive them to your website. 
  6. Keep the conversations going. 
    After the promotion has ended, follow up with related Tweets and Retweet positive mentions from your campaign.