Web Marketing Tools

Enhance your long-term Twitter strategy with these free resources.

Give your marketing efforts a boost by integrating your Twitter presence across your online channels. Here’s how:

  1. Show off your best Tweets.
    Want to highlight a particular Tweet that got a lot of action? With embedded Tweets, you can incorporate your best Tweets into any piece of online content. And guess what? They function just like regular Tweets, so users can continue to engage.

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  2. Keep your website fresh with real-time content.
    Twitter is all about being timely. You can bring the same real time feel to your website or blog with an embedded stream of Tweets from your Twitter account.

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  3. Enrich the experience.
    Delight your customers with Tweets that include rich media experiences and link to your content. To add these Twitter “cards” to your Tweets, all you have to do is add a few lines of HTML code to your website.

    Learn about Twitter cards 

  4. Grow your audience from any web page.
    You can embed a Follow button on your website to allow potential customers to check out your Twitter account and follow you in just one click.

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  5. Help them spread the word.
    People come to Twitter to discover new information or get closer to the things they care about. Include our Tweet button to help your customers share new information they’ve discovered on your website or blog with their followers.

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