Twitter & TV

Use the power of television to grow your impact.

The water cooler used to be the place where people gathered to talk about TV. Now, 95% of the public social conversation around TV happens on Twitter. Here are a few best practices to engage and grow your audience using the power of this medium.

  1. Harness the power of hashtags.
    Hashtags are like campfires: people gather around them to have conversations. Most networks today create and promote TV-related hashtags that fans use to discuss shows they love. This gives marketers a powerful opportunity to connect relevant messages to TV-related conversations.

  2. Integrate your Twitter presence into your TV ads to extend your reach.
    Your Twitter @username is like your website’s URL. Highlight and promote your @username or a campaign-specific hashtag to invite people to join the conversation about your brand.

  3. Live-tweet popular programming.
    Live TV events like major sporting matches and award shows are great opportunities to engage your target audiences around their passions. Consider live-tweeting during these programs in a way that relates to your brand, partners, spokespeople or your followers’ interests. Make sure to include a hashtag to make those Tweets easy to find.

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