Whipped Bakeshop

How does a bakery find followers interested in their tasty confections?


Connect with sweet-toothed Philadelphia customers.


Used Promoted Accounts to target users within the Philadelphia metro area.


  • 5% follower growth 
  • Reached hundreds of local customers

Founded in 2008 by Brennen and Zoë Lukas, Whipped Bakeshop (@WhippedBakeshop) is a Philadelphia bakery specializing in wedding cakes, cupcakes and cookies.

Their challenge

The bakery owners regularly tweet updates and images of their baked goods to remain top-of-mind with customers who are planning their next special event. Their Tweets have been so well received that they wanted to accelerate @WhippedBakeshop’s follower growth and reach potential customers beyond their own network. As small business owners, the Lukas couple have limited time, so they wanted to grow their follower base quickly and efficiently.

Their solution

@WhippedBakeshop turned to Promoted Accounts to gain new followers beyond their current network of friends and customers. Setup was easy. They set a daily budget they were comfortable with and targeted Twitter users in the Philadelphia metropolitan area.

Twitter did the rest. Twitter found relevant Philadelphia users who were likely to be interested in local businesses and tasty cakes and promoted @WhippedBakeshop’s account to them in the “Who to follow” module.

Who to Follow

“What we like best is that the new followers we’ve gained are always local. They are people who are truly interested in our bakery, as opposed to bargain hunters just looking for a daily deal.”

Brennen LukasCo-owner, Whipped Bakeshop

Their results

Through Promoted Accounts, @WhippedBakeshop reached people in Philadelphia who were interested in baked goods, increasing the bakery’s potential customer base and generating awareness among locals.

3 keys to success

  1. Keep things fresh.
    Tweet the newest and latest to inspire your followers to stay tuned. @WhippedBakeshop regularly shared pictures of the bakery’s latest designs to keep themselves top-of-mind with customers. 
  2. Think—and target—locally.
    If your business is local, be sure to target local users. @WhippedBakeshop targeted the Philadelphia metro area to gain hundreds of new, local prospects.
  3. Encourage followers to promote your business.
    Be on the lookout for followers who @mention and tweet about your business. Encourage them and others to promote your business by responding to them or retweeting their messages. @WhippedBakeshop actively engaged with their followers to spread the buzz.