Travel Wisconsin

How does a tourism board promote their state as a unique and desirable travel destination?


Increase awareness of Wisconsin as an attractive tourist destination.


Used Promoted Tweets in search to drive entries for a ticket giveaway.


  • 19% of referral traffic attributed to Twitter campaign
  • 10K sweepstakes entries
  • Entries from 49 states

The Wisconsin Department of Tourism (@TravelWI) drives awareness of Wisconsin’s diverse offerings in arts and culture, entertainment, the great outdoors and culinary attractions to promote the state as a travel destination.

Their challenge

@TravelWI wanted to promote some of their best-known attractions to increase awareness of the state as a unique and delightful tourist destination.

Their solution

@TravelWI partnered with the Green Bay Packers to offer free tickets to a home game, including sideline passes. They used Promoted Tweets in search with targeted keywords and hashtags such as #greenbay and #packers to spread the word about the giveaway.

@TravelWI adjusted their targeting in real time to extend the reach of their campaign and capture more sports enthusiasts. For example, when the Milwaukee Brewers advanced to the playoffs, @TravelWI added keywords related to Major League Baseball.

Their results

@TravelWI received more than 10,000 entries for the ticket giveaway. The campaign also had broad geographic reach, with entrants representing 49 U.S. states. Twitter was the top traffic driver for the giveaway, accounting for 19% of landing page visits. The promotion was @TravelWI’s most successful giveaway to date.

3 keys to success

  1. Connect users with the information they want.
    Promoted Tweets in search put your message in front of users that are actively looking for information relevant to your brand. @TravelWI promoted their ticket giveaway to a highly receptive audience of Green Bay Packers fans and other sports enthusiasts. 
  2. Work well with others.
    Identify assets like partners, spokespeople and industry thought leaders that can help you reach a broader audience. @TravelWI partnered with the Green Bay Packers to offer free game tickets and spread the word with Promoted Tweets in search. 
  3. Keep it real-time.
    Align your campaign with relevant news events and trending conversations that could help drive traffic for your brand. When the Milwaukee Brewers made it into the playoffs, @TravelWI reacted quickly by adding keywords related to Major League Baseball.