Paramount Pictures

How can a film studio turn a movie with a modest budget into a much-buzzed blockbuster?


Generate buzz and drive opening weekend box office receipts for Super 8.


Used a Promoted Trend to alert Twitter users of a sneak preview of the film, followed by a second Promoted Trend on opening day to keep conversations going.


  • $1 million box office sales from Twitter sneak peek preview
  • 52% bigger opening weekend

Paramount Pictures (@paramountpics) is a global film producer and distributor with multi-faceted divisions across all areas of media, including digital, home entertainment, network and cable television, studio operations and consumer products.

Their challenge

In a summer full of huge blockbusters, Paramount’s new film Super 8 (@Super8Movie), had a modest budget and needed to find a way to quickly increase awareness and ramp up box office results for opening weekend.

Their solution

To generate excitement and boost opening weekend box office receipts for Super 8, Paramount used Twitter to make fans a unique offer with a dedicated @Super8Movie account. A full day in advance of the film’s premiere, @Super8Movie used a single Tweet combined with a Promoted Trend to exclusively announce early screenings for Twitter users.

After igniting conversations about the film with early screenings, a second Promoted Trend ran the day of the film’s premiere to keep the buzz building and excitement high.

Their results

Using Promoted Tweets and Trends, Paramount generated much larger than anticipated pre-release and opening-weekend box office sales. The Twitter exclusive sneak previews generated $1 million and opening weekend receipts surpassed expectations by 52%.

3 keys to success

  1. Generate word of mouth with special offers and promotions.
    To create buzz, Paramount released a Promoted Tweet announcing an exclusive sneak preview of their new summer movie, Super 8.

  2. Use Twitter to work within your budget.

    Twitter is a cost-effective way to spread the word about a product, campaign or event. Despite the modest budget for the film’s release, Paramount used Twitter to generate impressive sneak-preview attendance and higher than expected box office receipts for opening weekend.

  3. Continue to generate buzz on the day of your event.

    After igniting the conversation with early screenings, @Super8Movie ran a second Promoted Trend on the day of the film’s premiere to keep the buzz and anticipation high.