How does a pet products brand tap into the dog lover community?


Grow product awareness among dog lovers.


Used Promoted Accounts to build a community of dog lovers and drive conversations around dog ownership and care.


  • 1,200% increase in followers
  • Twitter a top 3 website referral source

Nylabone, (@nylabone) manufactures a wide variety of veterinarian-recommended chew toys, pet carriers and plush, interactive playthings for dogs of all ages and sizes.

Their challenge

@nylabone was looking for a way to connect with Twitter’s dog-loving population to increase awareness of the @nylabone brand and product line. The company wanted to tap into people’s passion for dogs and drive conversations around dog ownership and care.

Their solution

@nylabone used Promoted Accounts to grow their follower base of dog lovers.


The company monitored trending topics to identify dog-related conversations already taking place on Twitter. Learning what consumers had to say about topics like pet care, ownership and dog breeds provided @nylabone with themes that they used to create interest keyword groups for their Promoted Accounts campaigns.

To capture the hearts of dog lovers and attract new followers, @nylabone capitalized on the power of visuals. In addition to posting their own photos via Twitter, the company also tweeted dog photos posted by enthusiastic owners.

@nylabone also reinforced their brand position as a “leader in responsible animal care” by tweeting links to articles with dog care advice and tips on nylabone.com.

To extend reach, the company explicitly encouraged retweeting, which can increase the likelihood that people will retweet up to 23 times. 

@nylabone increased their Twitter follower base from 1,700 to over 20,000—a gain of almost 1,200%. The brand also reinforced their reputation as an animal care leader by providing links to helpful dog health and wellness information on nylabone.com. Twitter became a top-three referrer to the company website. Awareness of @nylabone’s product line was amplified as followers engaged with @nylabone in conversations around product questions and to share photos of their dogs enjoying the company’s products.

3 keys to success

  1. Use Promoted Accounts to reach new potential customers.

    Promoted Accounts can help you build your follower base. @nylabone attracted dog lovers by targeting users interested in various dog breeds and dog care.

  2. Monitor trending topics and be part of the conversation.
    Be aware of the buzz relevant to your business to find an entry point into ongoing conversations. @nylabone kept an eye on trending topics to identify dog-related topics that were already being talked about on Twitter and became a visible part of the conversation.

  3. Offer value to your followers.
    Build loyalty with your followers by being a source of fun, inspiration and information. @nylabone encouraged dog lovers to upload photos of their pets enjoying @nylabone products and also acted as a resource for dog wellness by providing links to helpful dog care advice on nylabone.com.