How does an electronics brand promote a new phone to young tech-savvy consumers?


Create awareness and buzz for a new phone among young, savvy consumers.


Used Promoted Trends and Promoted Tweets to create a groundbreaking treasure hunt giveaway.


  • 5K Tweets per hour at launch
  • 50K hashtag mentions
  • 38% peak engagement rate

LG Electronics (@LGTicketHunter) is a global technology leader in consumer electronics, home appliances and mobile communications. As the world’s fifth-largest mobile phone maker, LG creates stylish, smart technologies that give users an optimized mobile experience.

Their challenge

LG wanted to promote their new Optimus L Series phone in the UK to young consumers. They needed to develop a fun, interactive experience that would create buzz and drive high user engagement.

Their solution

@LGTicketHunter used Promoted Trends, with the hashtag #LGTicketHunter, to launch a Twitter-exclusive treasure hunt that gave away tickets to the LG stadium for hot shows like One Direction and Watch the Throne.

The hashtag drove people to a microsite featuring a dynamic map of Great Britain. Every time someone sent a Tweet with the #LGTicketHunter hashtag, the map would zoom in, gradually revealing the secret location of the @LGTicketHunter street team. The first person to arrive at the street team’s location won the tickets.

To drive awareness and sustain engagement with the campaign, @LGTicketHunter also used Promoted Tweets in timelines and in search. The Promoted Tweets targeted keywords related to the musicians to further attract Twitter users likely to be interested in the concert tickets.

To build momentum @LGTicketHunter also engaged with One Direction fan groups to encourage them to retweet competition messages.

“We used Promoted Trends to create as much exposure as possible and to engage young mobile users with a really innovative experience. With Twitter, we were able to bring together the digital and the physical aspects of the competition in a powerful way that no one had ever seen before.”

Dave CottrellCommunity & Social Marketing Manager, LG

Their results

During the five-day campaign, #LGTicketHunter generated massive spikes in conversation with over 50,773 total hashtag mentions. The average engagement rate for the first Promoted Trend was 38% and the second Promoted Trend, which ran three days after the first, delivered a 30% average engagement rate. 

@LGTicketHunter reached 5,000 Tweets per hour within the first hours of the launch, showing how excited people were about the prizes and how engaged they were with the execution of the competition. In addition to Twitter conversations, those who visited the microsite through the Promoted Tweets stayed on the microsite for an average of seven minutes and often returned there for updates. 

3 keys to success

  1. Create a unique experience.

    @LGTicketHunter created a campaign to run exclusively on Twitter. The company generated buzz by linking #LGTicketHunter to a map with clues that allowed users to win tickets.

  2. Tap existing passion.

    By using Promoted Tweets to engage fan groups and targeting keywords related to the musicians, @LGTicketHunter attracted concert fans who were also likely to fit their new phone’s target demographic. The company also encouraged fans to share their experiences, laying the groundwork for contest participation and creating awareness for the Optimus L Series phone.

  3. Amplify your promotion to increase engagement.

    @LGTicketHunter combined Promoted Trends with Promoted Tweets in timelines and in search to gain momentum for the competition. As a result, the campaign engagement rate remained high throughout the five-day run.