How does a record label leverage their talent to create excitement for a new album?


Leverage Lady Gaga’s popularity to drive music downloads and video views for her new album launch.


Interscope promoted Tweets from @ladygaga and @Interscope to launch the album.


  • 30% engagement rate for Lady Gaga’s Promoted Tweet
  • 12% engagement rate for Interscope’s Promoted Tweet

As one of the top music labels, Interscope Records (@Interscope) has access to some of the most powerful voices on Twitter, including a roster of superstar artists such as Black Eyed Peas, Eminem and Lady Gaga.

Their challenge

@Interscope uses their own Twitter account to promote their talent. However, for Lady Gaga’s (@ladygaga) new album, “Born This Way,” the record label wanted to drive music downloads and video views in a way that leveraged her tremendous influence and reach on Twitter.

Their solution

In the month leading up to @ladygaga’s “Born This Way” album launch, @Interscope used Promoted Tweets in search to tease the upcoming album. The record label ran 18 Promoted Tweets to maintain a steady presence in front of their audience. The Promoted Tweets all had a clear call to action that drove users to download the song, retweet messages or watch a video.

On the day of the album release, @Interscope received permission from @ladygaga to promote a Tweet from her account.

Their results

By using Promoted Tweets in search from two accounts in two campaigns, @Interscope generated buzz and drove sales for the album and views for the music video.

3 keys to success

  1. Leverage influencers to expand your message. 
    Join forces with influencers to amplify your message. @ladygaga gave permission to @Interscope to promote her Tweet.
  2. Include a clear call to action.

    To increase engagement, give your followers clear instructions and incentives in your Tweets. @Interscope’s Promoted Tweets had a strong call to action to download a song, retweet a message or watch a video.

  3. Plan a separate campaign for each event.

    Generate a steady buzz for each event with uniquely relevant Tweets. @Interscope used Promoted Tweets to generate excitement for the new album, and then launched a follow-up campaign to promote the music video.