Gongshow Gear

How does a lifestyle apparel retailer build on their leading position and increase sales?

Uniting players and fans through their passion for hockey, @GongshowGear is one of the largest worldwide hockey apparel retailers. @GongshowGear licensed products are available through the company’s website, gongshowgear.com, and in outlets and partner retail stores in 18 countries.


  • Increase followers and boost Tweet engagement.


  • 1,000 new followers in two days.

Keys to success:

  • Create Promoted Tweets with engaging content.
  • Have conversations.
  • Foster brand stewardship.


With a “mission to spread the hockey lifestyle to all ends of the earth,” @GongshowGear wanted to connect with hockey fans and players through a shared love of the sport. The brand sought to build on their leading position as a supporter of hockey culture, drive interest for their apparel line, and increase traffic to their online and retail stores.


@GongshowGear used Promoted Accounts to connect with new customers along with Promoted Tweets to drive brand awareness and increase sales. Featuring a mix of content, the company reinforced their position as a leader in the sport by Tweeting about hockey celebrities and influencers.

To deepen brand awareness @GongshowGear also had a free mobile game app that appealed to a demographic of hockey players who were also gamers.

Along with brand awareness, the company used Promoted Tweets to drive sales by offering a compelling promotion along with a trackable code.

Finally, @GongshowGear used Promoted Tweets and asked their followers to spread their holiday gift guide through Retweets.


Promoted Accounts helped @GongshowGear substantially grow their follower base in a short period of time. Through Promoted Tweets, the company reinforced their leadership in hockey culture and saw a 10% sales increase for each day of the campaign and a 20% increase in overall website traffic.



Advertising on Twitter exceeded our expectations. We gained new followers and saw a significant spike in sales from Twitter.

Ger McNameePresident, Gongshow Gear

Keys to Success

  1. Create Promoted Tweets with engaging content.

    @GongshowGear highlighted engaging offers with compelling images in their Promoted Tweets. Their campaign increased traffic to their website by 20% during the Promoted Tweets campaign, which resulted in a 10% increase in online sales.
  2. Have conversations.

    Engage with your followers with two-way conversations. @GongshowGear generated momentum by involving fans in product design discussions and asking for feedback.

  3. Foster brand stewardship.

    Listen to your customers and let them know you are paying attention to them. This fosters goodwill and brand stewardship.