Promoted Accounts

Promoted Accounts are ad units that are included in Followers campaigns. They enable you to quickly gain relevant followers - 70% of whom provide free advertising through Retweets and 43% will make multiple purchases in the future.*

As your community grows, you create new opportunities to drive more of these actions each time you Tweet. Utilizing a Promoted Account can help you accelerate this effect. Plus there’s no formula that keeps your followers from seeing your Tweets in their timelines, so you’ll have many moments to engage with them over time.

*Twitter + DB5 “Small Business Customer Insights Study” U.S. 2014

How do Promoted Accounts work?

  • Start by writing a short description that explains why someone should follow your account. For example, you can call out the great content that you’re Tweeting out on a regular basis. Make sure you also include your business logo and a strong call to action.

  • After you have defined these audiences, consider how you can tailor the messaging in your campaigns so that it is relevant for each group.

When you launch your Followers campaign, your Promoted Account will appear to the users you’ve targeted in the following places:

  1. Home timeline
  2. “Who to follow” widget on the right side of the Home and Notifications tabs
  3. “Who to follow” widget on the right side of the People search results page
  4. “Who to follow” widget on the right side of the Profile page

Promote your account