Cause-based advertising FAQs


Can government agencies advertise on Twitter?

Government agencies are permitted to advertise and are not subject to targeting restrictions. However, they are subject to the content restrictions in the same policy and all other Twitter Policies.  

Are references to government programs allowed under this policy?

Yes, references to government programs are allowed with certification, provided that the content is not associated with any of the prohibited political content categories (candidates, political parties, or elected or appointed government officials, referendum, ballot measure, legislation, regulation, directive, or judicial outcome).

Does the cause-based policy allow calls to action?  

Calls-to-action about ads that educate, raise awareness, and/or call for people to take action in connection with civic engagement, economic growth, environmental stewardship, or social equity causes are allowed; however, they may not reference prohibited political advertisers or political content

What are the targeting restrictions? 

Targeting is restricted and limited to geo, keyword, and interest targeting. No other targeting types are allowed, including tailored audiences. Geo-targeting may only happen at the state-level and above (or the country-specific equivalent, e.g. region or province). Zipcode level targeting is not allowed.

Keyword and interest targeting may not include terms associated with political content, prohibited advertisers, or political leanings or affiliations (e.g., “conservative,” “liberal,” “political elections,” etc). This is our initial approach and it may evolve over time.

How will this policy impact brands?

For-profit organizations that seek to run ads that educate, raise awareness, and/or call for people to take action in connection with civic engagement, economic growth, environmental stewardship, or social equity causes must comply with the following restrictions: 

  • Ads should not have the primary goal of driving political, judicial, legislative, or regulatory outcomes; and
  • ads must be tied to the organization’s publicly stated values, principles, and/or beliefs.

Are Public Service Announcements (PSA) ads allowed?  

PSAs from government or supranational agencies do not fall under this policy. Any other PSAs fall under this policy and are allowed with certification, as long as the ads abide by Twitter Ads Policies.

Are health topics allowed?  

Yes, health topics are allowed as long as they comply with all of Twitter Ads Policies. Health topics may fall under the cause-based advertising policy if the ad educates, raise awareness, and/or calls for people to take action in connection with civic engagement, economic growth, environmental stewardship, or social equity causes. Note that under Twitter’s healthcare policy, abortion advocacy is not allowed globally.

There are many different types of ad units on Twitter. Which ones does this new policy apply to?

This policy applies to all our promoted revenue products on Twitter. 

Are there revenue product restrictions for cause-based advertisers? 

Yes, Promoted Tweets, IVA/IVS, Brand Reminders, and Promoted Accounts are allowed. All other revenue products -- First View, Promoted Trends, and Spotlight-- are not permitted for cause-based advertisements nor exempted news publishers (running political or cause-based ads) until further notice.


When does enforcement start? 

Enforcement started on November 22, 2019. 

How will people be able to report ads that may be in violation of this policy?

People can report content in the Twitter timeline or through the Help Center form. Twitter will automatically prioritize and review reported content. 

Is the landing page contained in the ad reviewed as part of the policy? 

Yes, if the linked landing page refers to civic engagement, economic growth, environmental stewardship, or social equity causes, the ad will be considered as cause-based advertising and will have to comply with targeting restrictions.

How often can an advertiser violate this policy before becoming permanently suspended? 

Our decision to offboard any advertiser is based on a series of factors including, but not limited to, how many times the advertiser violates a policy, which policies they violate, and the time frame over which their violations occur. 


What is the certification process for allowed advertisers?

We will need different information based on who you are. Learn more about the certification process here

When will certification start? Can advertisers promote allowed content in the meantime?  

Certification is open. Advertisers that fall within the cause-based advertising policy can now apply here. Advertisers must have an advertiser account to access the certification application form. 

Will currently certified advertisers have to go through the process again? 

Previously certified advertisers do not need to go through the process again. We will reach out to advertisers in case there are changes we need to make to account(s) and we will do so in the least disruptive manner possible.

How is Twitter using the data submitted for certification?

The information provided during the certification process will be used for this sole purpose only. Once Twitter confirms its validity, submitted attachments will be deleted within 6 days. If you do not complete the process and want your data to be deleted, or wish to revoke your certification, you can reply to Twitter’s Ads Support automated email sent to the address provided during certification indicating your desire to do so.