Promoted Trends

Larger brands can gain mass awareness in our list of trending topics.

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Trends mean massive exposure for your business.

Trends are popular topics happening right now, on Twitter. Because these Trends are placed prominently next to a user’s timeline, they get mass exposure.

Go straight to the top of the list.

The Trends list is the perfect place to kickstart a conversation or amplify a message on Twitter and beyond. Your Promoted Trend is featured at the top of the list for an entire day. It is prime real estate on Twitter, across both desktop and mobile experiences. When a user clicks on your Promoted Trend, it takes them to your marketing message displayed through your Promoted Tweet. Because of their reach, Promoted Trends are super effective.

Set your own Trends.

So, what makes a successful Promoted Trend? Basically, anything that gives users something new and exciting to discover, participate in, and share. This could be a kick-off event, a major announcement or even a product launch. Your Trend should be recognizable without being too explicit. This helps create the curiosity that makes users want to click through.

Target and learn.

Target your Trend by country or go global to reach a worldwide audience. You can also quantify and qualify your campaign’s impact to your heart’s content. Promoted Trends come complete with their own analytics dashboard, along with research from our certified partner, Crimson Hexagon.

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