Promoted Accounts

For businesses and brands who want to grow their follower base. 

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Meet your newest evangelists.

Promoting your account is one of the quickest ways to build an active community of advocates and influencers for your business. The bigger your follower base, the more people there are to engage with and spread your message.

Promoted Accounts help you:

Instantly get in front of the right users…and plenty of them.

Your followers already love you. Our targeting options allow you to get your account in front of more people who are just like your followers – engaged users who are passionate about your business. A bonus: connect with customers in a specific geography or with specific interests using our laser beam-like tools. Pretty cool, right?

Who to follow: @yourusername here.

Show up in mobile home timelines and in “Who to follow,” Twitter’s own account recommendation engine. Our magical algorithm finds users who may be interested in your business and puts your account in front of them.

Targeting. You’ve got options.

Targeting with Promoted Accounts couldn’t be easier. You can target by:

More about targeting 

Pay only when people follow your account. Seriously.

You’ll only be charged when people follow your Promoted Account—it’s that simple. Just set a budget. The budget you set may vary across campaigns and will depend on your goals. 

Track your results in real time.

We make measurement easy, so you can focus on growing your business. Get real-time updates on your follower numbers and what they’re interested in. With Twitter Ads, you get access to premium analytics:

More about analytics