Photos, videos & content

Supercharge your Tweets with powerful content.

People tend to share positive Tweets that solve a problem, answer a question, entertain or inspire. The most retweeted content tends to contain links, photos, videos or quotes. When you tweet something interesting, it has the potential to travel to many prospective customers.

Tweets with photos get twice the response.

It’s true. Tweets with images drive double the engagement.
(Buddy Media, 6/26/12, “Strategies for Effective Tweeting: A Statistical Review”)

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Be camera ready.

Twitter makes it easy to share photos from any location. Just click the camera icon in the lower left hand corner of the Tweet box and you’ll be prompted to select the image you’d like to upload. Once you do, your image will be converted into a shortened link. Tweet a memorable image and watch how fast it gets retweeted.

How to Tweet a Photo

Give the gift of sound and vision.

Twitter is fully integrated with most video hosting sites (like YouTube and Vimeo). Link to any video your heart desires and your followers can watch along with you, even from their mobile phones.


Create awesome galleries.

Images you upload to Twitter get collected into your own gallery. So, what to include? The most compelling images offer unique insights or perspectives, like a behind-the-scenes look at an event or your employees, front-row seats at a concert or a shot of an exciting new product.

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