Perfect your profile

Make your Twitter profile work for you.

This is the entry point for your audience. Every element of your profile—your @username, photo, bio and links—should reflect your brand identity and personality.

  1. Put your best face forward.
    Your profile and background images visually represent your brand. Logos work, but you can also feature a person or character. Feel free to get extra creative with a background or header image—these elements will only add to your unified look.
  2. Choose your @username.

    Your @username is your Twitter URL, so it should be an obvious choice that reinforces your brand identity. Once you’ve decided on your @username, put it on your marketing materials so your customers and partners know where to find you.

  3. Introduce yourself.
    Write a clear, concise bio that describes your brand, products or services. No need to write a novel—shorter is often better. To help drive traffic, include a trackable link to your main website or to a specific landing page.
  4. Make it work together.
    Design every element of your profile to best reflect your business. Your name, bio, website and profile picture should all come together to tell your story. Profile pages look the same across screens, from smartphones to tablets to laptops to desktops, so think about how your audience may view your page. 

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