A travel app increased downloads amongst a global audience 

TripCase (@TripCase) is a free mobile app that allows travelers to manage and organize their trips in a single place. The app is focused on making travel simple. It gives travelers flight alerts, online check-in, itinerary sharing, and messaging.

Campaign objective

Campaign objective

The TripCase team was looking for an effective way to increase app downloads around the world. To help them achieve their goals and reach an international audience they created an app installs campaign with Twitter Ads.


The TripCase marketing team was highly focused on targeting a relevant audience of travelers from around the world on both iOS and Android devices. They focused on audiences in over 40 countries including; Australia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Singapore, and Portugal.



higher app engagement rate from people who download the app from Twitter

lower cost-per-install (CPI) compared to next, closest qualified channel

"The immense targeting capabilities, international reach, and reporting that tie to our analytics platform have made Twitter a great partner in TripCase’s marketing strategy."

— Lorenzo Harris, Sr. Market Specialist, TripCase

Keys to success

Create localized content for your target markets

Create localized content for your target markets

Travelers from emerging markets were a high priority target audience for TripCase. To help ensure the content resonated with their audience, campaigns were segmented by language and all ad copy was localized.

Test and optimize campaigns over time

Test and optimize campaigns over time

The TripCase team A/B tested and optimized every element of their campaigns — from their bidding strategy, to their ad’s creative content.

By letting their tests run for a few weeks they were able to collect enough data to understand which campaigns were underperforming and which were beating targets. This information was then used to scale and build on variations of the top performing campaigns.

“Twitter drives users with a higher level of engagement in comparison to other networks we’ve tested, which I attribute to targeting and optimization capabilities of Twitter.”

— Lorenzo Harris, Sr. Market Specialist, TripCase

Set an appropriate attribution window

An attribution window of 30 days post engagement and +30 days post view was set across campaigns. This attribution window allowed the team to get a deep understanding of the impact their ads were having on total app downloads and engagement over time.


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