Make it a habit

Get in your tweeting groove.

People wonder how often they should tweet. The answer: test and learn to see what feels right for you and your business. Here are some examples of how you might engage your customers over the course of a week:

  1. Monday: Special promotions
    Launch special Twitter-only promotions to your followers. Tweet an offer code that unlocks a promotion or tweet a secret word that customers can mention to get a discount when they visit your business.
  2. Tuesday: Behind-the-scenes
    Tweet behind-the-scenes videos or photos that your followers can’t get any other way. 
  3. Wednesday: Helpful tips
    Create a regular series of Tweets that are informative or surprising. If you’re a chef, tweet recipes or kitchen tips. If you have a fashion boutique, tweet ways to match current trends with vintage items. 
  4. Thursday: Media spotlights
    Highlight positive press stories and news about your company, industry or community that your followers will find interesting. Be sure to mention the @username of the reporter or media outlet when you tweet the story. This provides clear attribution and recognizes the source. 
  5. Friday: Focus on your people
    Highlight the people who help run your company by tweeting photos of them hard at work and having fun.