A retail app increased downloads among its target audience

Tiendeo (@Tiendeo) is a mobile app that provides information about offers and promotions in nearby stores. Originating in Spain, they now connect retailers with bargain seekers in more than 30 countries, including the US, Mexico, Germany, and India.

Campaign objective

Campaign objective

Tiendeo was looking for ways to boost downloads of their app. They chose an app installs campaign with Twitter Ads because of Twitter’s predominantly mobile user base and the ability to specifically target these users.


Targeting shoppers in Colombia, Denmark, France, Italy, Norway and Spain.



lower cost-per-install compared to other marketing channels

"Twitter allows us to reach a target audience very likely to download our app and helps us achieve fast and effective results. No doubt this is one of the best marketing platforms we have used to drive app installs and we will continue to do so in the future."

— Lidia Martinez, SEM Manager, Tiendeo

Keys to success

Target the followers of similar businesses using follower targeting

Tiendeo wanted to reach and promote their app to users interested in local retail offers and promotions. To reach this niche audience, they used username targeting to reach the followers of accounts that offer a similar services or retailers, such as @MediaMarkt_es. By targeting audiences that already showed they’re interested in this type of service, they were able to promote their app to high value leads.

Use TV targeting to reach a highly engaged audience

Tiendeo identified several TV programs with audiences that aligned with their target market, such as Espejo Público & Masterchef o El Programa de AR. They saw that users were participating in conversations about these shows on Twitter, so they used TV targeting to serve their app install advertisements to this highly engaged and relevant audience.

Combine images of the app with a clear call-to-action

Combine images of the app with a clear call-to-action

Using image app cards, Tiendeo was able to pair screenshots of their app with a strong call to action inviting users to install it immediately. The images were eye-catching, and also allowed users to preview the app’s user experience and the types of offerings inside.

Measure and track using a mobile analytics partner

Tiendeo could track and measure results using a certified Twitter mobile measurement partner. This provided them with accurate real-time data that helped them optimize their app install campaign.

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