A fitness training company boosted app downloads

The Sufferfest (@theSufferfest) is an endurance platform for cyclists. They create indoor cycling training videos for competitive cyclists to use during their practice sessions in the off-season.

Campaign objective

Campaign objective

With thousands of fitness fanatics already following them, The Sufferfest knew that their target demographic were active on Twitter. They decided to create an app installs campaign to drive awareness and downloads of their subscription-based video training app to an even wider audience.


Targeting people around the world interested in competitive cycling and fitness training.



clicks to download their app from Twitter during the campaign

"The Sufferfest brand was built in social media and this is where it lives. We found that Twitter ads constantly engaged our audience well above other platforms."

— David McQuillen, Founder & Chief Suffering Officer, The Sufferfest

Keys to success

Overlay text on your image to reinforce key messaging points

Overlay text on your image to reinforce key messaging points

They worked with a local agency, One Small Step Collective (@OneSmallStepAus), to create bold graphics for their App Install Cards that clearly communicated the app’s value and prompted users to click to install. Their Tweet copy complemented the images perfectly by creating a sense of urgency.

Reach a niche audience with follower targeting

Since their app was geared toward a very specific audience, The Sufferfest used follower targeting to reach a niche group: hardcore cyclists. They targeted the followers and people like the followers of professional cyclists, such as @MarkCavendish and @chrisfroome.

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