A mobile app drives downloads among urban professionals

Wazypark (@wazypark) is a free mobile application that allows users to find free street parking places in real time. Wazypark community users mark the parking spot as free before leaving it, so users know when new available spots become available in the area.

Campaign objective

Campaign objective

Wazypark was looking for ways to reach their target audience, generate app downloads and get new users to sign up for their platform. Wazypark had tried other methods to drive installations, but weren’t able to connect to their target audience. They decided to create an app installs campaign with Twitter Ads so they could regionally segment users and target a niche audience.


Wazypark’s target demographic is young professionals living in Spain.



lower cost-per-install compared to other marketing channels

"Twitter has become our main marketing channel to promote wazypark. It allows us to generate app downloads at a very low cost and increase app usage."

— Carlos Rodríguez, CEO, Wazypark

Keys to success

Reach a niche audience with follower targeting

Wazypark wanted to connect with a specific audience: urban drivers in specific locations. To reach that niche audience, they used follower targeting to target the followers of specific Twitter accounts and users like those followers.

They chose accounts for real-time traffic apps, auto insurance companies, and car magazines, such as @InformacionDGT, @AutoBildspain, and @autopista_es. By targeting people based on their interests in this manner, they were able to reach a very specific audience.

To drill down even further, they then used geo-targeting to make sure they were only showing their campaigns to users in areas where their network operates.

Get creative with images

Get creative with images

For their App installs campaign, Wazypark created App Cards to showcase their application in a Tweet and prompt users to download. They used bold, eye-catching images that clearly communicated the purpose and value of their product. This helped their campaign stand out in users’ timelines.

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