What are Promoted Trends?

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What are Promoted Trends?

Promoted Trends began as an extension of our Promoted Tweets platform, and are now a full-fledged product in their own right. With Promoted Trends, users see time-, context-, and event-sensitive trends promoted by our advertising partners. These paid Promoted Trends appear at the top of the Trending Topics list on Twitter and are clearly marked as “Promoted.” They will also occasionally show within users’ timelines.

How is a Promoted Trend different from a Trending Topic?

Users interact with Promoted Trends the same way they interact with any other Trending Topic. They are able to click on a Promoted Trend to view all Tweets containing the trending #hashtag or trend terms. They are also able to Tweet about the Promoted Trend by including the terms in their Tweets. The only real difference is that a Promoted Trend is purchased by an advertiser and clearly marked as being promoted.

When users click on a Promoted Trend, what happens?

Users who click on a Promoted Trend see Twitter search results for that topic, with a related Promoted Tweet from the advertiser at the top. Tweets on the search results page for Promoted Trends are unfiltered, open, and authentic. (Tweets which violate Twitter’s spam and abuse policy are filtered out as usual).

Are Promoted Trends on all users’ homepages?

Promoted Trends are visible to all users on Twitter.com while they are being promoted. Check your homepage and your Discover tab’s Trending Topics list to see what one looks like!

Do Promoted Trends display anywhere other than Twitter.com?

In addition to twitter.com, Promoted Trends are displayed on Twitter for iPhone, Twitter for Android, and Tweetdeck.

Do Promoted Trends appear within users’ timelines?

Yes, in certain cases the Promoted Trend will be in a user’s timeline and will link to the trending topics page.

What are the policies for Promoted Trends?

Our Promoted Trends Policies can be found here.

Having trouble?

If you have an issue with a Promoted Trend, please see our Policy Updates for Promoted Products for more information.

Have questions or feedback about something on this page?

Please log in to ads.twitter.com and file a support ticket using the Help? button in the top right corner of your ads dashboard.