Establish your brand personality

You are what you say... and how you say it.

Your voice can affect the way customers communicate with you on Twitter. What you say, how you say it and how often you respond, all have a tremendous impact on customer relationships.

  1. Be yourself, be authentic.
    There’s no need to be overly formal on Twitter. Your Tweets should reflect the individuality and personality of your business. People respond best to friendly, conversational Tweets. 
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  2. Stand out.
    It’s a crowded digital world out there. Use Twitter to share unique information about your company that your customers can’t find elsewhere, like behind-the-scenes photos, discounts or new product previews. 
  3. Learn the difference between voice and tone.
    Voice doesn’t change—this is a consistent part of your brand’s personality. However, tone is an adaptable element that should always be adjusted to the situation. For example, even if your business’s Twitter voice is irreverent and jokey, you’ll probably want to shift your tone in a conversation with a stressed customer to be more comforting and respectful. 
  4. Interact and respond.
    Reply when people tweet about you. Favorite and retweet positive messages, and thank those who praise you. Keep in mind that Retweets can also represent your voice and brand personality. Promptly address critical Tweets about your business in a calm, helpful manner.