Use Twitter Video to make your message memorable, shareable, and replay-worthy.

Video is what's happening on Twitter.

You’ve already seen the stats on how much Twitter Video is growing and how memorable Twitter Video content is. So let’s take a closer look at what Twitter Video is.

Read on to see the three types of media that make up Twitter Video and how to use them in your social media and social video strategies.

Native video

Native video is the original video content that you record and upload. Since videos play automatically on Twitter, they snap viewers to attention.

Don't have any videos yet? Grab a smartphone and start filming directly in the Twitter app! Try Tweeting different video lengths to see what resonates with your audience.

Check out these examples of native video.

@WarbyParker shared a fun makeover video. They incorporated text overlay making it was easy to follow along with or without sound on.

@OttoPizzeria used video to share behind-the-scenes look at their kitchen.

@theDrybar featured friendly faces which make their video feel approachable.

Live video with Periscope

Periscope is the in-app extension of Twitter that you can use to broadcast live video of what’s going on around you. And because Twitter happens in real time, it’s the most natural fit for real-time social videos.

Give people a sneak peek of your perspective by broadcasting moments like industry expo you attend, boxing up all your orders and waving them goodbye, a tutorial of your product, the concert you’re producing from the sound booth, the class that you teach when the bell rings, etc. And don't forget to Tweet about your upcoming Periscopes a few days in advance to create buzz.

Because Periscope broadcasts are live, viewers don’t expect them to be polished. In fact genuine personality, impromptu ad-libbing, and a bit of scrappy creativity are what make Periscope streams so entertaining.

Check out these examples of Periscope broadcasts.

Makeup company @tartecosmetics used Periscope to share a product demo and answer customer questions.

Fashion producer @ChantalTV used Periscope 360 to give her viewers a front row seat to Fashion Week.

@MontereyAq captured attention quickly by starting their broadcast with a playful shot of sea otters.


GIFs are moving images that grab attention.

How is your GIF game? Remember that Twitter has a built in GIF search, so you don’t have to keep saving your favorite in your “Great GIFs” folder — or even have a folder. Just type“confetti!” “shopping bags” or “pony birthday party” into the GIF search and what you’re looking for will appear. It’s an easy way to add buzz to your Tweets and attract more engagement.

You can also create your own GIFs in Photoshop or a free GIF creation app. Creating your own is a clever way to add animation or excitement to text that you want people to read.

You can also tease a longer video but cutting it into GIFs and showcasing it in short snippets.

@mint created a quick GIF with text and graphics to tell their #SmallBiz story.

@CafeGratitude used a GIF to help put their tasty recipe in the spotlight.

@Huckberry used a GIF to put their product in the spotlight.

Check out our infographic for the newest research of how video is thriving on Twitter.

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