Target people based on who they follow

Follower targeting helps you connect with the people who are likely to be interested in your business.

It works by displaying your Twitter Ads campaigns to people who are similar to the followers of the usernames you select.

How to use follower targeting

During campaign creation on, you can find follower targeting under the "Targeting" -> "Audience features" section.


When choosing which usernames to target, you can create custom audience segments by specifying certain usernames that are relevant to your business. Under the bottom "Additional options", you can select to target your own followers. 


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Consider focusing on one of these followers targeting categories:

  • Competitors: Target the usernames of businesses who offer similar products and services.
  • Complimentary brands: Include the usernames of businesses who aren’t direct competitors, but who target a similar audience. For example, a fitness app might want to target the followers of athletic clothing brands, running shoe companies, and gyms.
  • Industry media: Try targeting the usernames of news sites, blogs, TV shows, magazines, etc. that focus on your industry or target demographic.
  • Influencers: Focus on the usernames of individuals who are influential in your industry. For example, a retail company could target the followers of popular fashion bloggers.
  • Similar audiences: You can also target users who are similar to the people who already follow you.

Best practices

  • Find out what’s working quickly. Aim to target around 30 usernames per campaign to ensure that you’re reaching a large enough audience. The campaign dashboard gives you an estimate of the potential reach of your followers campaign. Adjust your selection until the reach is at least 50,000 followers.
  • Be specific. Target the usernames that are most closely tied to your business. While very famous individuals or companies may have millions of followers, those millions are not necessarily aligned around a topic that’s relevant to your business. Accounts with a more specific following will be a more effective choice - even if fewer people follow them.
  • Focus on segmentation. Segmenting campaigns helps you to identify what’s working best. Get better results by monitoring your campaign dashboard closely. For instance:
    - When targeting usernames we recommend that you do not add interest targeting into the same campaigns. Instead, you can run a separate campaign with broad interest targeting.
    -Segment your username campaigns by category (for example try running one campaign targeted to the usernames of your competitors, and another targeted to the usernames of industry media).

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