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How Zynlonta HCP increased its website traffic with a 50% lower cost-per-click

Zynlonta HCP (@ZynlontaHCP) is a prescription medicine by ADC Therapeutics.

Twitter continues to be a prime destination for our customers to discuss, debate, and share information on scientific advancements in hematology. This provides the unique opportunity to ensure we are delivering relevant content to our customers at the right place and time. We look forward to a continued partnership with Twitter to deliver helpful and relevant information to patients, healthcare professionals, and the scientific community.

Gus Strominger, Director, Digital and Patient Marketing Strategy, ADC Therapeutics

Campaign objective

The objective of the campaign was to increase traffic to the Zynlonta website, with high impressions and click results at a low cost. Zynlonta HCP worked with media agency CMI Media Group (@CMIMediaGroupon this campaign.


Zynlonta HCP’s target audience for this campaign were adults aged 18+ and health care providers based in the USA.1

Products used


Disclaimer: Please note that there can be a high variance in campaign results for advertisers when using Twitter’s Site Visit Optimization (SVO) product. Twitter recruited 350 advertisers for a beta test of SVO, and funded 15 clients for split test studies. The results of these split tests showed a high variance in results is possible.

In May 2022, Zynlonta HCP’s media agency, CMI Media Group, tested Site Visits Optimization (SVO) for two weeks against an existing Link Clicks Optimization campaign.* Without changing any other targeting aspects or creatives, Zynlonta HCP achieved:

x 2

the number of impressions achieved by their Link Clicks Optimization campaign2

An extra 3,000 link clicks

compared to their Link Clicks Optimization campaign3

50% lower cost-per-click

compared to their Link Clicks Optimization campaign4


Due to the high success, CMI Media Group switched all of Zynlonta’s campaigns to SVO.

* The existing links campaign Zynlonta was running was a Link Clicks Optimization campaign. The brand compared clicks, impressions, cost-per-click and reach from their existing Link Clicks Optimization campaign against their new SVO campaign

Keys to success

Run testing and optimization to best achieve your campaign goals

SVO is a new optimization goal under the website traffic objective, which is dedicated to finding and serving your ads to audiences most likely to visit your website. By enabling the Twitter Pixel, Twitter can track actions that audiences take on an advertiser's website and attribute them to their Twitter ads campaigns.

CMI Media Group on behalf of Zynlonta HCP tested Twitter’s SVO product for two weeks against their usual website traffic campaign.* The brand pulled and compared stats such as clicks, impressions, cost-per-click, and reach.

Set up the Twitter Pixel

Make sure your brand has the Twitter Pixel in place prior to setting up your SVO campaign. This is a website tag that is implemented on your website to track site actions or conversions. 

We also offer an alternative web measurement solution with our Conversions API offering. This is a direct server to server integration that largely has the same functionalities as the Twitter Pixel, but also allows you to track any event that can associate to an email, click ID, or phone number - whether that's online or offline. 

If you are just getting started, we recommend implementing the Twitter Pixel as the most straightforward solution to get set up -  which was what Zynlonta leveraged to unlock the full capabilities of the website traffic objective. 

Note: You can choose either the Twitter Pixel or Conversion API as your web measurement solution. For increased measurement signal, you can also leverage both solutions.

The Twitter Pixel allowed Zynlonta to unlock the full capabilities of the website traffic objective. 

Find out more about these options to help inform your next website traffic campaign.

Use Twitter Ad features to drive action

Zynlonta used Website Buttons on their ads to help drive action – visits to their website. In keeping with best practice for ad creative, Zynlonta had a clear link between the image/video and the text within their Tweets, and their Website Buttons linked directly to landing pages relevant to their message. 

For more tips and best practices for website traffic campaigns, check out our dedicated page.

1. Source:  Health care providers were identified through keywords and follower lookalikes. Zynlonta also retargeted health care providers who had previously visited their website.  
2. Source: Twitter Ads Manager, May 18th-June 6th, 2022.
3. Source: Twitter Ads Manager, May 18th-June 6th, 2022.
4. Source: Twitter Ads Manager, May 18th-June 6th, 2022.

*The existing links campaign Zynlonta was running was a Link Clicks Optimization campaign. The brand compared clicks, impressions, cost-per-click and reach from their existing Link Clicks Optimization campaign against their new SVO campaign. 

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