Case Study

Visit Abu Dhabi reaches an engaged travel audience with Twitter

Key Results

Link click rate

Avg. session duration

Cost per site visit (vs previous benchmark)

The Opportunity

Connecting with an engaged audience of travel lovers is crucial for Visit Abu Dhabi (@VisitAbuDhabi) – which is why it partnered with Twitter. Launching its creative Getaway Abu Dhabi campaign on Twitter across multiple markets, it seized the opportunity to take wanderlust to new heights.

The Strategy

The campaign took on a persona-centric approach, appealing to different types of travellers with relatable humour – and smart creative. Launching across 14 international markets, a series of Image and Video website cards enticed potential travellers. 

With the stresses of their everyday lives pitched against the contrasting tranquillity of an escape to Abu Dhabi, the website cards engaged distinct personas – from the ‘Dad Dancer’ to the ‘Foodie’ and the ‘Kayaker’. 

@VisitAbuDhabi took a sustained approach, running the campaign across a 3-month period including Ramadan, which provided the opportunity to tap into its cultural highlights. By targeting Twitter’s engaged travel aficionados based on their interests, keywords and accounts followed, @VisitAbuDhabi ran a highly optimised campaign.


Make an impact

Harnessing the power of Twitter’s highly visual formats enabled greater connection, interaction and optimisation



Tailor your creative

Speaking directly to Twitter audiences and celebrating the diversity of its travelers helped @VisitAbuDhabi broaden its appeal



Focused targeting

By targeting Twitter audiences based on their interests, keywords, and follows, @VisitAbuDhabi made a real impact

The Success

The Getaway Abu Dhabi campaign was a resounding success, generating hundreds of thousands of site visits, averaging 1 min and 30 seconds of time spent on the site. Twitter was the top most efficient quality traffic driver for the campaign, with visits generating 58% more time spent than any other platform.

Together with Twitter, @VisitAbuDhabi exceeded its campaign KPIs – as well as Twitter’s benchmarks. The average cost per click for the campaign was $0.03, while the overall average link click rate was 12.91%.

Abu Dhabi is welcoming visitors from all over the globe: Twitter is an invaluable platform for us to capture attention and engage with our target markets. Through quality relationships with users, Twitter ensures we are reaching a high calibre global audience and is an integral, powerful part of our worldwide campaign.

Nouf AlBoushelaibi, Strategic Marketing and Communications Director, Visit Abu Dhabi

Solutions Used

Audience targeting

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Website traffic & conversions

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