Vinos de la mancha

Vinos de la Mancha

A Spanish vineyard promotes their high-quality wines and brand on Twitter

See how you can achieve similar success

See how you can achieve similar success

@vinodelamancha is the official Twitter account of Denominación de Origen Vinos de La Mancha. This is the regulatory council responsible for ensuring the quality of and promoting wines produced in the La Mancha region of Spain. The designation of origin (DO) is the ultimate seal of quality, guaranteeing that every bottle meets the most stringent standards.

Campaign objective

The campaign was designed to raise awareness of the wines produced in the region and to attract more visitors to their website. Video Ads enabled the Regulatory Council (ICRDO) to achieve these goals, as it could create strong visual messages that viewers would remember.


ICRDO wanted to reach those of legal drinking age, living in Spain or any other Spanish-speaking country, who were interested in wines and gastronomy.

In this Tweet, @vinodelamancha invites people to discover their wines.


~3 million

Tweet impressions in 1 month


video views in 1 month

Keys to success

Conduct landscape research

Before launching a campaign, weigh all of the available options. Although the team at Denominación de Origen Vinos de La Mancha knew that they wanted to use video ads, they took the time to research the different ways to use video on Twitter. They then chose the methods that would enable them to deliver their vision and accurately measure the results.

In this Tweet, @vinodelamancha shares a video of a wine tasting at home.

Tailor content for different audiences

Twitter offers a wealth of targeting options to reach out to specific audiences. Denominación de Origen Vinos de La Mancha found that they could achieve stronger results by adapting their creatives to appeal to these defined audiences. The team learned that small changes to the messaging and imagery can make a big difference to the level of response and engagement.

In this Tweet, @vinodelamancha expresses the perfect pairing of friendships and moments, one per wine, on International Friendship Day.

Analyze and learn

Denominación de Origen Vinos de La Mancha used the Twitter Ads dashboard to analyse the performance of their campaign. The dashboard provided valuable feedback while the ads were live, as well as detailed post-campaign information that the team could use to plan for the future.

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In this Tweet, @vinodelamancha invites people to discover their wines with more information about their company.

We knew that we could reach a huge audience on Twitter. What better way to bring La Mancha wines into people’s day-to-day lives than through the place where they already are?

Jaime Carrero, Online Marketing Manager at Denominación de Origen Vinos de La Mancha
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